Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

Chevalier sighed when Emily appeared in the doorway, “I’m going to
start tying her in bed,” he said, standing up to carry her back to bed.
This time he curled up next to her and watched her sleep. She stayed in
bed the rest of the night.
It took only four weeks to get the location and the stables built, one of
the advantages of having non-sleeping workers. Emily was so excited to
see Sam, that she forgot about being mad at Kyle and Chevalier and her
mood improved. Sam was happy to help with Allen, and the Elders
loved the idea of a mounted Cavalry. A heku could run faster than a
horse, but having them up on horses set them apart from the everyday
heku guards of the city. It was unanimously decided on in the Council
that the Cavalry would be home to the elite guards.
Chevalier guided Emily out the doors and along the neatly trimmed
grass, she was blindfolded.
“Tell me again where we’re going,” she said as she held tightly to
Chevalier’s arm so she wouldn’t hit anything.
“It’s a surprise.” He grinned, “We’re almost there.”