Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

The job had been too easy, further proof that it was past time for Selest to
be removed from office.
“Emily, wake up.” Kyle’s voice was in whispers, but urgent.
“What’s wrong?” Emily sat up and put her hand on Allen’s back. He
was still asleep.
“Come on, we’re in lockdown,” he explained, and pulled the covers off
of them before picking Allen up. A piercing alarm sounded through the
Emily followed Kyle through the secret wall and down the stairs to the
cave bedroom, “Kyle, tell me what’s going on.”
“There’s been an attack on one of the Elders,” he said, lying Allen down
on the bed. He turned to comfort Emily, but was surprised because she
was smiling slightly.
“Is she dead?” Emily asked, watching his eyes.
Kyle’s eyes narrowed, “How did you know it was Selest?”