Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Emily,” Kyle said, kneeling down by the pool.
“Hiya, Kyle, coming for a swim?” Emily asked, and caught Allen as he
jumped off the side of the pool.
“Ky sim,” Allen said when he saw the heku.
Kyle grinned, “I can’t come swim right now… Emily, the Elders are here
and they want to talk to you, immediately.”
Emily frowned, “Why?”
“Not my place to ask, come on. I’ll take Allen,” Kyle said, standing up.
Emily hesitantly crawled out of the pool and handed Allen over, “Tell
them I’ll be right there after I change.”
“Sorry, no time,” he explained, and handed her a towel.
She gasped, “I can’t change?”
Kyle started ushering her out of the room, “No, we need to hurry.”