Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

“Emily, Emily, wake up.” Tim shook her gently.
Emily gasped and sat up quickly, her body shaking
“You were having a nightmare,” he said, still sitting by her on the bed.
He reached out and put an arm around her, testing to see if she would
fight back.
When she didn’t, he pulled her into a tight hug, “It’s ok, it’s over,” he
whispered, rocking her slowly.
Emily wanted to let go, but she needed the warmth. The arms that
wrapped around her were strange and unfamiliar, but they held some
comfort and she buried her head into his shoulder and cried.
“This is taking too long! I demand a resolution immediately. It’s been 7
days,” Chevalier scowled at the Elders, both Equites and Valle, that were
seated before him.
“We’re doing what we can. It’s a fine line between getting Emily back
and preventing a full-scale war,” Selest said to him.