Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

Kyle pulled the Humvee into the Hilton just as the sun began to set.
Emily got out of the back of the Humvee and stretched. Chevalier
grabbed her bag, and they checked into a room with Kyle in an adjacent
The room was warm and spacious and Emily immediately began filling
the jetted tub. The long ride made her back ache. She shut the door and
climbed into the hot, steamy water, then leaned back and shut her eyes.
She opened them again when she realized her belly was sticking out of
the water and getting cold. She wet a wash rag and draped it over her,
then shut her eyes again.
“Getting big there, Em,” Chevalier said, chuckling.
She didn’t look up, “Mmhmm.”
“Do you have any idea how crazy I’ve been? Not knowing where you
were,” he said, picking her foot up out of the hot water and massaging it.
Emily shrugged and still didn’t look up.
He sighed, “Do it again and I’ll lock you in the prison.”