Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

“I’ve made the arrangements, let’s get her to the hospital,” the doctor
said, grabbing his bag.
Chevalier picked Emily up and she screamed out in pain. He threw a
blanket over her, and beat the doctor to the helicopter, then cradled
Emily in his lap and fastened the belt over them both. When the doctor
climbed in, he dropped a bag on the floor that Sam had packed, and the
helicopter rose and quickly took off. Emily was unconscious again.
Chevalier watched from behind safety glass as Emily was moved into the
long MRI tube and the loud machines started up. He didn’t need the
safety glass. He wanted to be in there with her, but he had to keep up
pretenses. Dr. Edwards had turned Emily over to Dr. Bell, a
neurosurgeon at the University of Maine Medical Center. It was Dr. Bell
that was there with him now, watching the monitors. He opted to keep
Emily sedated during the MRI, so she hadn’t been awake since the last
few moments in the bedroom.
Dr. Bell turned when the door opened and two other doctors entered.
“Chevalier, this is Dr. Nelson, she is a neonatal specialist.” Chevalier
shook hands with the older woman.