Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

“We’ve already lost a troop member,” the heku said, laughing.
Kyle turned to him and followed his stare. Off to the side, Emily was
curled up on the grass, asleep.
Kyle shook his head, “Just let her sleep.” He slipped off his coat and laid
it over her.
“Is she really coming with us?” one of the heku asked from the ranks
Kyle nodded, “Yes, she is.”
“The Chief Enforcer will kill us if anything happens to her.”
“No, he’ll kill me. It was my decision,” Kyle assured them.
“Is there a team assigned to protect her?”
“No, I’ll do that myself. You focus on your task and leave Emily to me,”
Kyle said sternly.
Emily crawled into the front of the black Suburban and Kyle slid in next
to her.