Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

“I don’t know, until the job is done.” He kissed her hand lightly.
“Send someone else,” she told him, it sounded like a good idea to her.
“I’m the Chief Enforcer… this is faction business.”
“Then I’ll just come with you.” She swung her legs out of the bed, but he
put a restraining hand on her shoulder.
“No, Em, this isn’t a joke. It’s going to be dangerous… and I need to go
“It’s my job.” He put his hand under her chin and moved her so she
looked at him, “I’m good at my job, and I’ll be home before you know
Emily frowned.
“Kyle and David are here if you need anything. Try, for me, to behave.”
He smiled softly.
Emily saw Chevalier off from the pier. He waved, and then got into his
black Bugatti. Kyle and David stood by her, unhappy that she was able
to talk the Chief Enforcer into letting her out of bed.
Chevalier waited until the pier was out of sight and pulled out the file he
had with him. He scanned the documents, carefully committing them to
memory. It was an easy job. There had been numerous heku attacks in a
small town in Delaware. The Elders felt whoever was responsible,
needed to be dealt with by the Chief Enforcer himself. As Chevalier read
the file, he agreed. There were four unexplained exsanguinations, three