Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series HTML version

“That’s no better than Child,” she said, frowning.
“Oh that’s right, you’re an adult.” David stood up and started for the
“Where are you going?” she asked.
“To stay on the beach north of the pier for a few days… in case I’m
needed.” He left the room smiling.
Chevalier took a deep breath and walked into Emily’s room. She was
sitting up in bed reading a book and didn’t see him enter, so she jumped
a little when he sat down, and then put her book down.
“You’re out of the meeting early,” she said, pleased.
“Yeah, well… I have a mission.”
“What kind of mission?” Her eyes narrowed.
“An important one, and I’m leaving tonight.” He took her hand.
“For how long?”