Up from Slavery: An Autobiography


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Long revered as one of the greatest American autobiographies ever written by the 19th Century African-American businessman, activist, and educator, Booker T. (Taliaferro) Washington. Download the FREE e-Book version today!

Steve Machamer

I had read about Booker T. Washington many years ago and enjoyed that book thoroughly. I enjoyed this book also so very much and was greatly impressed by his stand and concern for the education and training of the freed slaves. The accomplishments of BT Washington were amazing and put to shame any of the modern active or former active movement leaders. His foresight and deep desire to assist his brothers and sisters truly was a great encouragement and leadership for the Nation in those days and even more so the present day. How much more could be done with wisdom such as his. A must read for all students and young adults.

Jack Burston

This book has historical significance, but lacks any real insight into the author. It mostly recounts the story of the school that was founded and summarizes a number of speeches that BTW gave. He was amazingly tolerant of white southerners and seems to accept the widespread discrimination against blacks as something that would pass in time as they became better educated. Most interesting is his often mentioned observation that for many blacks education was seen as a way to avoid having to work for a living.

Vicki Cosby-jefferson

"Up from Slavery" is one of the best autobiographies of that time period.

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