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This report is about making money with affiliate marketing.

It's not about some latest craze, some big “secret” method that you've never heard about before. It doesn't contain some “secret” new way to generate traffic, or a weird “loophole” that you can exploit for overnight profits.

It contains smart, profitable ways, of implementing a time sculpted method for big, passive income results.

Oh, and it WORKS. It's been working for 5 years and it's not going to stop working any time soon.

If that's the kind of thing you're looking for, then we're going to get along just fine :) All of this above being the case however, we're forced to start with some “not so good” news...

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Why It's Hard To Make Affiliate Income These Days I realize this isn't the kind of heading that most helpful “how to” reports on making money online start with. But do you want a normal report like all the others? Or do you want the truth? Because I've got to tell you: Having people blow smoke up your butt with stupid claims about what's possible... people who haven't made money as an affiliate since 2004... is not what you need if you plan to ever have a profitable affiliate business.

There ARE some hard truths to be faced for affiliates at the moment, but only by facing them can we continue to be owners of the coolest, most freeing kind of businesses in the world. If you're trying to build a business as an affiliate right now, you can't afford NOT to know what's in this report.

So in this first section I'm going to tell you two things: Why making money as an affiliate is harder now than it once was, BUT why this is simultaneously, the biggest period of opportunity for affiliate marketers in history. You ready? Here goes...

Affiliate Marketing Ain't What It Used To Be