Unlocking the Orion Code - The Killer's Daughter - BOOK 1 HTML version

This book is also very time sensitive. This is the reason why I felt the urgency to create this
series at this particular time. Many of the events in the book that have not yet come to pass,
will in all probability happen within the next twelve or so years of your lifetime. So this
manuscript could be used by some even as a reference book, or a map to prepare and
understand the unfolding of certain human and natural events in the future.
This is one of the reasons why the writing of this series of book has been rushed. The
author asks for your forgiveness if at times the book is not written as well as it could have
been. As time and more funds become available, better-written versions will be published
with new editions of the books.
Although many of my readers love the first 6 book, for me the real 'great content' and 'true
training' will only begin from book 7. The first 6 books serve as an introduction to the Plot
and characters and to set the scene for what is to come...
Unlocking the Orion Code
Book 1: The Killer's Daughter
This was not how I imagined I would die. Not that I spent a lot of time thinking about death
but…this was definitely not how I thought it would end.
My body felt like it was on fire. The pounding in my head had gone from merely irritating to
excruciating. Another flash of pain shot up my spine - straight into my brain. My back
arched against the cold concrete. I clawed at my skin.
I could hear a familiar voice calling my name, yelling for me to get up. Someone else was
Get away from her! Get up! Please! Get up! Blair!
Blair - that was my name. Blair Mallory. I was sixteen years old. I lived with my dad and
worked in his comic book store. My favourite colour was yellow, I had a cat named Scratch,
I was allergic to chocolate…and I was going to die.