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Understanding Words, An End to Anger & Conflict

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Published: 6 years ago

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Understanding Words, An End to Anger & Conflict is a unique view of communication. This book takes us in the opposite direction of the value of words, reducing them to a powerless concept. This view provides power and independence to the reader through clear and simple examples and exercises. Proven over 10 years of international presentations, Understanding Words really brings an end to anger.


A very interesting read. This book covered many aspects that I agree with and that I could relate to.


A very easy read. Davids writing is concise and informative. I will be reading more of his books in the near future!

kyle richardson

This book is a (must read) piece of material for persons with not only anger management issues, but looking for self development.I deeply appreciate its valuable information and will apply these practices to my life, I'm fully confident that they would work.


Great book, i learned a lot. Thank you!

Abdallah Ddumba

Wonderful book. Thank you for your educative approach. It feels good to know that every capable speaking person has a role to play in society. Many people can speak and let every word that comes out add value to behaviour and attitude change and, finally make the world a pieceful place to live.


I have just began reading yet within the first pages solutions to anger are already practically evident.


Great example of how to redirect and negotiate our feelings in an appropriate style. I will be using it at a talk I am doing for 12-14 year old cgildren Fri Dec 12/08. Will let you know the feedback.Jocelyn


I found this book very helpful. It showed me that anger was also a good thing which is so contrary to what we are taught at school and at work. The author David Samuel reveals a practice that is very easy to understand and apply: that if we look past the words and respond instead based on the emotional state of the person speaking then we will interpret what they're saying accurately and not offend them or get trapped into an argument. I have noticed that my own anger has lessoned considerably in the short while following my first read of it. And my anger for injustices I see around me has increased giving me a lot more energy. One personal example where this has improved is when I go through my 'to do' list each day. If I am being lazy or procrastinating I am able to get very angry at my attitude and this gives me the energy to get moving and achieving my goals. The only criticism I have with this book is its layout. I would have liked small titles to break up the pages so I can quickly reference them when I need to remind myself of its message. Otherwise an excellent resource. Its concepts and exercises are written for the person serious about making immediate positive changes in their life. Highly recommended read and amazing that it is free.


David Samuel, The Entrepreneur Monk

David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk. David is a rag to riches story, making his first million at 25. Reaching his financial target by the age of 29, he sold six of the eight companies he owned to travel internationally for several years as a wandering monk. During these years of wandering solitude, he gave away the majority of his assets and returned to a simple life of introspection and following whatever direction he encountered. The intention was to cultivate a true sense of inner balance and freedom from fears and concerns. To date on the material side of his life, David has owned companies in over 25 industries and 15 countries. Combined with his business ventures, teaching and consulting, David is devoted to the never ending exploration of the nature of the mind. He has resolved the riddle of why we do what we know is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively. David has published five books. You can read more about David and view his books on Currently, David consults to private clients and corporations who are interested in eliminating negative aspects of their personality towards personal cultivation and success. David publishes exclusive articles on

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