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Understanding Wireless Networks
Do you feel like a complete dummy when it comes to wireless networks? Would
you like to learn more about going wireless technology? Thinking about buying a
wireless router? But you haven't a clue where to start? Here's a quick and easy
way to learn all about the wireless technology. I'll make a prediction now: I think
that, within a decade, wireless access will be making everyone's life much easier,
and they won't even notice it's there.
What is Wireless Networking?
Wireless networking is just what it sounds like -- a way of creating networks
without any wires! If this sounds exciting to you, then read on. With a wireless
network, you can create radio connections between computers that let them
communicate and connect to the Internet without you having to go to all the
trouble of connecting them with wires. The computers don't even need to have a
clear path for the signal, as the wireless signal can go through walls and between
floors easily.
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