Under a Violet Sky HTML version

“Incredible!” exclaimed Hitler, for in front of him was a sleek, black bell-shaped
object some five metres in diameter and four metres in height. A section of the upper
surface was missing, and cables had been run inside.
“What is it?”
“Mein Fuhrer, this is a craft from another world, possibly from another galaxy. We
call it ‘The Bell’.”
“How did you come by it?”
“It was shipped here from Poland.”
“Mein Fuhrer,” interrupted Himmler. “I was responsible for having the object
brought here. The SS realised its potential when it was discovered in Poland, and after
some initial work in the mine it was found in we thought it safer to bring such an
important find back to the Fatherland. I telephoned Doctor Teubert, and he suggested
bringing it here where he would investigate when he was held up with his own work.”
“I see,” said Hitler walking toward the ship. “So Herr Doctor, what have you
discovered - an atomic generator?”
“No mein Fuhrer this craft flew by some type of polarizing anti-gravity action
generated from an internal machine. The ship actually pulls the destination toward it
when the machine is switched on and then flies at the speed of light to that position
when the machine is switched off.”
“And you have done this Herr Doctor?”
“Well no, because we do not know how to set the machine for spatial flight, but we
have had some success with inter-dimensional settings; you see, mein Fuhrer, this
ship appears to not only fly spatially, but also dimensionally. I can pull up a
dimension and hold it by reducing the power rather than cutting it all together.”
Teubert turned to a youth in a lab coat. “Günter, the goggles please?”
The young assistant handed out pairs of shaded goggles.
“If you would put these on gentlemen; there may be some bright flashes,” said
Hitler and Himmler took off their caps and pulled the goggles over their heads.
Teubert then signalled to his assistant, who then pulled a lever next to the light
switches on the cavern wall. A loud hum then filled the air.
“An extra precaution gentleman: a force field around the ship – another toy The Bell
has given us!” Teubert said, as he walked back and stood beside Hitler and Himmler.
He then picked up a control with a cable, which ran into the ship. He flicked two
switches and two electric motors burst into life and joined the cacophony that filled
the cavern.
“We have to use our electric motors because we don’t know what the ship, and
consequentially the anti-gravity machine, was powered by. The source might have
been damaged before the ship was found,” the doctor said, before he turned a knob
and the motors began to howl. As he did so the atmosphere around the black craft
began to crackle with static electricity.
Suddenly there was a flash of light and a sound like the crack of a whip, and
standing gaping at the group of men beside The Bell was the dark figure of a woman
with a face of wrinkled light, grey skin and total black eyes. Her dark ragged clothes
hung from her two metre tall frame. Lifeless, fair hair lay flat on the top of her skull
and also fell down the sides of her head onto her shoulders.
She opened a distorted mouth to show a set of sharp, pointed teeth. Then, suddenly
she leapt toward the men, but was restrained by the electromagnetic field. Hitler and
Himmler jumped back as the electromagnets screamed with the extra strain placed on
them and Günter, the youthful assistant, ran off into the darkness.