Under a Violet Sky HTML version

Chapter One
February 1941
A light snow had just started to fall as the black, bullet-proof Mercedes carrying
Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler left the autobahn, which flowed out of Bavaria
into Austria. The car followed a country road for a kilometre and then stopped briefly
as the driver instructed two guards, in winter overcoats, to open a wire mesh gate with
barbed wire on top. The gate was the only break in a fence that stretched into the
distance on either side.
After a kilometre and a half of treacherous driving along a narrow road with snow-
covered trees on either side they arrived at a checkpoint where three guards, also
dressed in winter overcoats, stood behind a yellow barrier, which straddled the road.
They froze to attention when they realised who was in the car. A Sergeant left the
green wooden guard’s hut and marched swiftly to the waiting vehicle.
“Heil, mein Fuhrer!” He barked, while saluting, after briefly looking in the car. He
then signalled the guards to raise the barrier.
As the Mercedes drove slowly past the saluting guards Hitler turned to Himmler,
and said: “I hope the money is being spent well here Heinrich.”
“Yes mein Fuhrer,” replied the small, bespectacled man, as he shifted uncomfortably
on the seat.
They drove past green military trucks, which had black crosses with white outlines
on the doors, and then turned sharp right toward a cliff face, which had been blasted
out of the side of a mountain. The Mercedes pulled up in front of two green metal
doors where two men in white lab coats waited. The driver jumped out and opened the
rear door to allow the two Nazi leaders out.
“This is Doctor Teubert mein Fuhrer,” said Himmler as he stepped forward to
introduce a tall, thin man with brown, wavy hair, “he is Director Heisenberg’s
“Heil, mein Fuhrer!” Teubert said with a salute.
“Ah Doctor,” said Hitler. “What have you got here to show me?”
“Mein Fuhrer, as you know, we are in the process of building an underground
laboratory and research area to aid in the development of the atomic bomb for the
Third Reich.”
“Yes Herr Doctor.”
A guard pulled open one of the doors, and the group of men walked into the interior
of the mountain. The gaping mouth of a large metal tube greeted them to their left and
then ran into the distant darkness. There were cables and wooden crates lying
everywhere. Men in dark, blue overalls were busily rotating spanners and turning
“Mein Fuhrer, this will be Wehrmacht Two the most powerful cyclotron in the
world. Thanks to the funding you have given us for equipment like this we hope to be
well ahead of the Americans in uranium enrichment. However, this is not what I have
asked you here to witness. If you would follow me please?”
They walked further into the mountain and entered a darkened area.
“Karl, the lights please?” Teubert said to a plump man in a lab coat with short, fair
hair and circular spectacles, who stood in semi-darkness by a far wall.
Suddenly a large area was flooded with white light.