Uncle Tom's Cabin, Young Folks' Edition HTML version

11. George Fights For Freedom
The day after George and Eliza met each other once more at the end of so many sad
months of parting, was a very happy one in the Quaker house.
The two had much to say to each other. George had to tell how he had escaped from his
cruel master, and how he had followed Eliza all the way and at last found her. Then there
were plans to make for going on towards Canada. It was arranged that they should start
that night at ten o'clock. 'The pursuers are hard after thee, we must not delay,' said
Rachel was happy and busy, packing up food and clothes for them to take on the journey.
Late in the afternoon another Quaker, called Phineas, came with the dreadful news that
the wicked men, whom Haley had sent to catch Eliza, were only a few miles away.
So George and Eliza decided to start as soon as it was dark. A little while after supper a
large covered waggon drew up before the door. They got in and the waggon drove off.
On and on, all through the dark night they drove. About three o'clock, George heard the
click of a horse's hoof coming behind them.
'That's Simeon,' said Phineas, who was driving, as he pulled up the horses to listen.
'Halloa, there, Simeon,' he shouted, 'what news? Are they coming?'
'Yes, right on behind, eight or ten of them.'
'Oh! what shall we do?' groaned Eliza.
But Phineas knew the road well. He lashed the horses till they flew along, the waggon
rattling and jumping over the hard road behind them.
On they went till they came to a place where the rocks rose straight up from the road like
a wall. It seemed impossible for any one to climb up there. But Phineas knew a way.
He stopped the horses. 'Here, Simeon,' he said, 'take the waggon, and drive on as fast as
thou canst, and bring back help. Now follow me,' he said to the others, 'quick, for your
lives. Run now, if you you ever did run.'
Quicker than we can say it, they were following him up a tiny narrow path to the top of
the rocks, and Simeon was galloping the horses with the empty waggon along the road.
'We are pretty safe here,' said Phineas, when they had reached the top. 'Only one person
can come up that path at a time. If any one tries it, shoot him.'
The men who were chasing them had now arrived at the foot of of the rocks. They were
led by a big man called Tom Loker, and another mean-looking little man, whom Haley
had sent.