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Un-WebOnomics: iProfits Unleashed
Imagine meeting a new potential business partner. In the good old days, after talking for a while, you
exchanged business cards. Quaint, wasn’t it?
And on that card, you expected to see their name, position, company name, phone number and fax. Oh,
yes, you also expected to see their web site address.
If you were serious about doing business with them, you would check out their site and then see if
Google searches turned up anything.
But what if they said they didn’t have a web
Chances are the response was a quick “cya”.
Today, you would be hard pressed to find
someone without a web site.
And why exchange business cards when all you
have to do now Is “Bump”?
With the dramatic growth in mobile devices, the
old web site is about to be replaced by ‘Pod-
sites’. These are mobile applications which
communicate with your prospects and
customers in real time, in ways THEY want to be
communicated in. Some people like to read. Others learn better by listening. And most love watching
Of course, most of us use all three modalities, reading, listening, and watching. And often, the activities
we are doing influence which modality we prefer. It’s not a good idea to watch a product video while
driving... But many people will listen to hours of audio as they commute to and from work; drive the kids
to their sports activities; walk the dog; clean the house.
And chances are they will do the majority of these activities on their Smartphone, iPad or iPod.
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