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Un-Web Marketing Plan
The 9 Step DFU Un-Web Marketing Plan
1) Use LeadApps™ to dominate the iTunes App search results without Spamming. They point to
other products you sell in iTunes
2) Create ebooks to sell in the iBookstore
3) Record 60 minute audios to sell in iTunes
4) Press Release as each of your iPhone/iPad/Android LeadApps™ Launches
5) Promote on Twitter
6) Facebook Ads
7) Post three 1-3 minutes ‘Tips’ videos on YouTube and your Video Podcast channel weekly
8) Weekly 20 minute audio podcast plus 30-60 second video teasers for YouTube
9) Submit to App review sites (Approx. 20)
10) Use AdMob and other Mobile Ad services to advertise on iPhones
Next Steps: It’s up to you.
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dominating your market online.
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