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Massive Un-Web Traffic Plan
Step Three to solve it
Each time you solve an important problem for your customers, you strengthen yourposition as an Expert
in your Market. And you create greater demand for your other products, i.e. more LeadApps™, Audios,
eBooks, Podcasts, courses and seminars.
Targeting Keywords
The beauty of LeadApps™ lie in their ability to focus on extremely targeted keywords.
iTunes and Apple give you a very limited number of keywords and tags to use. These keywords are
words and phrases that your customers may use to search for your content in iTunes. Now the iTunes
search engine while better than it was four years ago, is still no “Google”.
So imagine the number of searches you won’t show up in, or you will rank low in, because you didn’t
have that keyword or tag.
By following the LeadApp™ traffic generation strategy you cover all the main keywords in your market.
And then some.
Furthermore each LeadApp™ upsells your customer to another LeadApp™. Who is most likely to buy
from you a second time? Your customer. Not your prospect.
Let’s take an example using Tea as your main keyword. Here are some potential Keywords:
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