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Massive Un-Web Traffic Plan
Dominate Your Market
With 300,000 Apps crowding the App Store, it can be difficult sometimes to be found. With the high
production costs of Apps, many businesses opt for only one App. BIG mistake.
The ultimate App strategy is to build one ‘Portal’ App, which has all your products, services and
information. Then ‘surround’ it with a number of LeadApps™, which drive traffic and customers to your
main App and products.
Pretty soon, you have what the World’s Top Perceptual Engineer, Stephan Stavrakis, calls “The Only”
position in your market. In other words, when you achieve “The Only” position, your competition is
But it is not enough for the LeadApps™ to have dominance in search. They have to excel at their
And their function is to position you as an Expert. Your information will solve your customer’s specific
problem. One LeadApp™ – one problem.
The structure of LeadApps™ is very simple:
Step One to solve it
Step Two to solve it
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