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Massive Un-Web Traffic Plan
LeadApps™ are iPhone/iPad Apps designed to generated targeted leads for your business.
Spam-Free Messaging/Push Notifications
Have a special event? A Sale? Launching a new product? Tell all users that have your app installed.
Never worry about Spam filters blocking your messages. Even if your app is not running, they will receive
a pop-up with your notification message instantly. It is a great way to keep your users informed with the
latest News or Announcements.
InApp Purchase
This is not about selling your app. This is selling part of your app, other apps, or other products like
audios and ebooks. You can choose to distribute your app for free, but make some content available
only to users that purchased it. Add an inApp Purchase link on any section. To see the content of that
section, users will need to complete a transaction first. You set the price. Apple or you collect the
InApp Email
Every page can be sent to other people by Email. Your application will not close. An InApp Email window
will slide from bottom. The page content will be taken as a snapshot in PNG format and attached to an
email message. User will choose one or several contacts from his address book and send the message.
You can also pre-define message subject and body.
Add a Send SMS button to your app. Predefine your SMS message. Users will be able to send it to one or
several recipients from their address book.
Interactive Google Maps
Add a google maps links. Copy paste and address and type some anchor text. This link will bring up an
interactive Google Maps with specified address pin-pointed.
You can zoom in and out, switch to Map or Satellite view and see your current GPS location. There will
also be a Get Directions button available. This will give your users the ability to get directions from their
current location to the address you specified.
Share Page on Facebook
After Facebook login, users can share a page content with their friends on Facebook or publish it in their
Facebook Live Feeds.
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