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Pod-Sites: The New Web Sites
With the dominance of YouTube, video is even bigger that audio online now.
And recently trends suggest that 65% of mobile data flowing thru your iPhone
will be video within three years. So if you have avoided adding video to your
marketing and communication channels, you continue at your own risk.
You will be surprised at how easy video is. Flipcams and Sony’s Bloggie make it easy to transfer videos to
your computer where Apple’s iMovie almost makes editing movies something you look forward to.
With over 500 million users, Facebook is challenging Google for dominance. The
latest survey by Hitwise shows Facebook inching ahead of Google.
And if that curve continues on its trajectory, which it may well do for a while
(Facebook’s market share is 185% up over the same week in 2009, for example,)
Facebook will become number one by a huge margin, versus the tiddly little 0.04% separation it
currently has above Google's 7.03% share of average weekly market share.
Facebook interactivity is built into Pod-Sites so your followers can interact and virally promote your
content to their friends. Facebook's iPhone app currently has 57.3 million "monthly active users,"
meaning the number of people who have used the app in the last month, and it is growing dramatically
each month.
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