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Pod-Sites: The New Web Sites
Business Pod-Sites
Pod-Sites are custom-designed iPhone Applications or Apps (and one day, Android, Blackberry and
Window Phone Apps) which can be downloaded for free or for a small fee from Apple’s App Store.
Over 3 BILLION downloads of iPhone Apps have taken place since Apple opened its App Store. The
growth is phenomenal and it’s just starting.
Successful Pod-Sites are fresh, interesting and engaging.
They combine your Blog posts, Twitter, Audio and video podcasts to keep a never-ending stream of
intriguing content on your prospects and customers’ iPhone, iPod and iPad.
And if you have a sale or special event, you can easily advertise it on your Pod-Site.
So let’s break down the different sections of your Pod-Site:
Blog Posts
The most under-rated aspect of Blogging is the RSS feed that comes
automatically with your blogs. Most people love the ease and simplicity of
posting articles to their blog. The power of Blogging however comes from the
automatic distribution system that your RSS feed creates.
The RSS feed makes it possible for people to see if you have posted a new
article and read it without ever going to your blog.
Seth Godin recently posted on his blog that with a good RSS Reader anyone can follow 200 blogs in less
than an hour. If Knowledge is Power, then RSS Feeds are the key to quickly gaining Knowledge.
Just like they are a key to your Pod-Site.
Imagine posting on your blog and it appears automatically on your prospects’
iPhone via your App.
With over 100 million active users, Twitter, a Micro-Blogging site, has a created
a niche for people who want to be kept up-to-date without spending hours
getting into all the details. And yes, it comes with an RSS Feed, too.
A few years ago, the Internet was a glorified newspaper. It had text and pictures,
just like your local paper. It forced people to learn in ways that were not
necessarily the way they preferred. Many people are auditory learners.
With faster processors, broadband Internet and larger hard drives all that
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