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Pod-Sites: The New Web Sites
When they buy, however, they never give their name, address, credit card information. It is a one click
buy. Apple, a trusted vendor, already has all their credit card information. So no long drawn out
checkout process.
Apple is the World’s Number One Affiliate
When you plug into the Apple ecommerce system, you have access to 200 million buyers. You have the
number one Affiliate in the world working around the clock for you, and they don’t ask for the usual 50%
You don’t worry about whether the check will come, or if it does, will it bounce? You don’t handle
refunds. You don’t handle most customer support issues.
Every Christmas, millions of new iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch owners head straight to the App Store, the
iTunes store and the iBookstore looking for ways to spend their money. And that bump continues
throughout the year as Apple regularly re-launches each product with new and updated features.
As this growth continues, you are riding that wave to success.
Your audio and video podcasts dominate the iTunes podcast rankings. Your premium audios sell like hot
cakes in the iTunes Music Store, where already over 8.5 Billion downloads have occurred. Your eBooks
are sold via the iBookstore. Your Pod-site distributes all your information directly to their iPhone, iPad
and iPod Touch. Other problem-specific Apps (LeadApps™) create another income stream as well as new
sources of customers for you.
The combined impact of all this activity is positioning yourself as an expert in your field.
Mobile Web Versus Pod-Sites
Once you look at your web site on an iPhone or iPod, you will immediate see a problem that will short-
circuit your success. Chances are your web site doesn’t fit. The text is way too small. If you increase the
size of the font, you end up sliding back and forth as you try to read the lines of text.
If your web site is based on the popular Wordpress blogging platform, you can upload a mobile theme
and plugins so that your web site is readable on an iPhone. You will lose the design of your site, but at
least it won’t be unreadable.
The other problem you will have is people finding your site. Mobile search is popular but mostly for
“Local Search”, and bookmarking sites on an iPhone can be an adventure for novice iPhones users (that
would be the majority, right now).
Here are your options:
1) Your prospect has to remember to start their iPhone browser, type in your URL and see a web
site that doesn’t fit.
2) Your prospect isn’t even sure which icon is the browser... Or
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