Un Libro de Lectura Español Elemental - (An Elementary Spanish Reader) HTML version

In the present text, especially in the first selections,
thelanguage has been simplified so that reading may be begun
ata very early stage in the pupil's work. It has not been
considerednecessary to supply notes, as the matter is simple and
thevocabulary furnishes all necessary information. All verb
formsoccurring in the text, whether regular or irregular, are
given inthe vocabulary.
There is constant repetition of common words and
expressions,so that comparatively long lessons may be assigned
andthe pupil may be enabled to acquire an extensive knowledge
ofuseful every-day Spanish and become familiar with the
structureof the Spanish sentence at an earlier period than has
beenpossible heretofore.
Selection XII is taken from "Tradiciones y leyendas
españolas"by Don Luciano García de Real (Barcelona,
1898).Selections IV, VI, IX, X, XIII, are taken from the
"Bibliotecade las tradiciones populares españolas" (Madrid,
1886). Theremaining selections are taken from various sources
or adaptedfrom English or German.
Many changes have been made in all the selections, exceptin
the fables of Iriarte and the story by Fernán Caballero, inorder to
render the material suitable for beginners.
E. S. H.