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The Ultimate eBay Marketing & Advertising Secrets Revealed

How to Turn a Personal eBay store into a full-fledged business


Success on eBay largely depends on your ability to market your business. If you


don’t drive traffic to your store, you’re not maximizing your sales potentials. The more


buyers you have looking at your store, the more sales you will achieve. eBay is a


marketing giant. It advertises in almost every advertising venue that exists. However,


eBay doesn’t drive traffic directly to your store. You are the person who has the ability to


drive people directly to your store so they can purchase items directly from you, without


going through your competitors. This eBook is written to help you maximize the


potentials of your sales through advertising and marketing, right from eBay!


First, you need to open up webspace. If you want to go big in business, it is


crucial that you must open up a webhosting plan and have a website to sell more of your


products to your customers. Even if you don’t plan selling products through your website,


just let it act as an “about our business” page. Such a page is not hard to set up at all, yet


it will significantly increase the credibility of your business. I recommend that you get a


webhosting plan at 1and1 Webhosting as in my experience they are one of the most


reliable webhosting providers that I've been with and their prices are extremely


reasonable. If you do not have a domain, you must first register a domain, and then sign


up for webspace. Your eBay user ID can serve as a wonderful way to advertise your website. Even


though eBay does not allow the use of a website to be a username, you can bypass this


rule by adding the * to the front and back of your ID. For example, even though eBay


does not allow the username www.showmyebook.com it will allow the username


*www.showmyebook.com* - This is an absolutely fantastic way of advertising your


website through your eBay username.


Cross-sell to your customers. Cross-selling is a practice of suggesting to your


customer the purchase of an additional product that may not necessarily relate to the


original product. What's the best way to do it? Put a link to your store in each and every


single one of your listings. Don't just say “remember to check out my other items I have


for sale in my store.” Provide them an easy way to do it. I always have an animated store


sign that says "click here to visit our store." So even though your buyer may not be


interested in the item that you're offering, there's a good chance that they'll check out


your store to see what other item you offer. The more buyers you have looking at the


products you offer, the more sales you'll get. The html code to link a buyer to your store


is: <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://stores.ebay.com/******/">Click Here </a> where ****** is the name


of your store.


The best way to get buyers to actually visit your store when you cross-sell is to


say something that will get them curious. Don't just do the old click here to visit eBay
line. Write something like: please take a moment to check out one of the most


amazing collection of ***** ever seen on earth at rock-bottom prices by clicking here (where ***** stands for whatever product your store specializes in). Of course, click here


links the buyers to your store. There are many other ways you can form your


advertisement. But remember, if you can get the buyer to be curious, they're more likely


to click the link and visit your store.


Cross-sell to your customers when responding to emails. If your email has an


autoresponder, set one up that says something along the lines of thanks for your inquiry.


We will get back to you as soon as we can to answer all of your concerns. In the


meantime, please take a moment to check out this absolute best collection of ***** ever


seen on earth at rock-bottom prices by clicking here ********* (where ********* is a


link to either your eBay store or your website, or both!). This will allow you to get every


person who sends you an email a direct exposure to your eBay store as well as your


website. When you answer emails, again include the link to your store in your signatures.


This will once again expose that buyer to your store. If the buyer wasn't curious enough


to click on it the first time, he/she will probably do so after being exposed to it the second


time. Never send out an email without a message at the bottom advertising your store.


The use of the feedback system is also a great way to market your eBay business.


Be careful as eBay does not allow the use of links to be left in feedbacks. However, it’s a


good idea to leave feedbacks that relate to the items that you sell. For example, lets say


you sell plasma TV’s on eBay. When leaving feedbacks for other users, it would be very


wise to leave a feedback which advertises what you sell as well, for example:


A++! Come back&shop with us again any time for the lowest prices on Plasma TV's!


This allows every person who views the feedback of the customer to get a direct


exposure to your advertisement. Many will become curious and will come take a look at


what you offer as well.


Volume is a huge key in most businesses. In eBay business, you’ll usually need to


list a lot of items to get a lot of sales. Try to use titles are that eye-catching and list them


in multiple categories that are relevant to the item. Remember this, the more items you


list, the more people you will get looking at your items. The more people looking at your


items, the more of them will check out your store to see what other items you have to


offer. The more people who purchase from you, the more sales you’ll make from your


website. So even though one listing didn't sell, it's more than worth it if that listing


allowed you to receive other sales through cross-selling to your store. The more items


you have running, the more chances you have of cross-selling your items from people


checking out your eBay store. The more relevant categories you list under, the more


exposure you will get.


When you ship out a product, always include a printed note which lists your


website, as well as any piece of advertisement. For example, whenever I ship out my


items I always include a note: Please always remember to check my website at:


http://www.showmyebook.com to find the absolute best eBooks deals on Earth! This


allows each and every single customer who receives your package to get a direct


exposure to your website. It doesn’t cost much at all to print out a large number of these


ads. Yet the sales you can make from this are potentially huge. Purchase an address stamper so that you can easily stamp your address on all


packages that you ship out. Put your website instead of the name of the person who sends


out the item. For example, my address would look something like this:




123 Main Street


San Jose, CA 95125


This way, every time your customer receives your package, he/she will get a


direct exposure to your store before even opening the package / envelope. Even the


mailman and every single person who handle your package along the way will get an


exposure to your website.


Use your website as your contact name in your email. For example, if your name


is John Doe, instead of using John Doe as your contact name in your email, consider


using your website, such as www.showmyebook.com as your contact name. This way,


you’ll receive even more exposure to your website just from sending emails to your


customers. You are granted free resale rights of this eBook. You can resell this eBook for as much as


you want and keep 100% of the profits! You can also give it away to as many people as


you wish. The only restriction is you must keep this eBook in its original form. You are


not allowed to edit this eBook in any way.


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