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The Ultimate eBay Marketing & Advertising Secrets Revealed
How to Turn a Personal eBay store into a full-fledged business
Success on eBay largely depends on your ability to market your business. If you
don’t drive traffic to your store, you’re not maximizing your sales potentials. The more
buyers you have looking at your store, the more sales you will achieve. eBay is a
marketing giant. It advertises in almost every advertising venue that exists. However,
eBay doesn’t drive traffic directly to your store. You are the person who has the ability to
drive people directly to your store so they can purchase items directly from you, without
going through your competitors. This eBook is written to help you maximize the
potentials of your sales through advertising and marketing, right from eBay!
First, you need to open up webspace. If you want to go big in business, it is
crucial that you must open up a webhosting plan and have a website to sell more of your
products to your customers. Even if you don’t plan selling products through your website,
just let it act as an “about our business” page. Such a page is not hard to set up at all, yet
it will significantly increase the credibility of your business. I recommend that you get a
webhosting plan at 1and1 Webhosting as in my experience they are one of the most
reliable webhosting providers that I've been with and their prices are extremely
reasonable. If you do not have a domain, you must first register a domain, and then sign
up for webspace.