Two Unforgiving and Condemned Men HTML version

real. That is all that matters now and forever. There is nothing else and no one else to blame it on. They
know that they are getting what they chose and forever is forever after all.
Excuses don't hold any weight. Reasoning is no more. Rights, attitudes, opinions don't exist. Any
thought of God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit result in their dropping to their knees and confessing that
Jesus Christ is Lord. Every thought of God = knees and confession.
Can a man get used to these conditions knowing that death has already been experienced and this is the
judgment? NO, there is no getting used to any thing for them.
There is no stopping any force of evil here. There is no end to the reaping, no cancelling the harvest of
ungodliness here. They are doomed, damned, and desecrated. They feel everything and can't stop it.
They cannot help themselves or each other.
Every chance to prove themselves worthy to escape the judgment and Hell is gone,long gone. Their
short lives are ended and their forever deaths are just beginning even after six thousand years.
Segment Three
These two men's families move on as they say on earth, back into life and living. New people, new
wives or girlfriends, new fathers for their children. All of their belongings would go to others or the
garbage. No turning back time.
No becoming a new and better person counted worthy to escape hell and being so-o-o-o lost. All is lost
even their soul as the Bible warned. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth it said would be the sounds
and emotions of the place of the forever damned. Now they are experiencing it first hand from their
own mouths and hearts. No tender touches just absolute degradation.
Why would anyone choose this place? There is no logical answer. How long is forever? No one knows
as it has not been experienced yet nor ever will be. Unending song! They chose their own forever,
Rumors abound but they are all lies, deceptions, false hopes, cruel misconceptions. Not even knowing
anything for sure or for certain because the Bible is not available here is a torture to their souls.
The two unforgiving men can issue no warnings to those on the earth. No communication is possible
with the outside world. Woe, woe and more woe is inevitable. These forever bodies will not cremate
fully, will not decay fully and will never die fully.
There are no tools, no utensils, nothing to make anything or work with their hands or minds.
Nothingness and still more nothingness except for the promised pain and misery.
Everyone here has fibromyalgia, or cancer growths, worms, arthritis, heart disease, strokes, aids,
leprosy, disfigurements, and or mangled parts.
What in Hell did they want? The menu is horrifying. The scenery is blackness unending. Breathing in
smoke always with not a drop to drink.
Why did they choose hell? There are definite rules and regulations and every conceivable judgment and