Two Unforgiving and Condemned Men HTML version

your choice".
Accusations were many like. "You chose to not forgive your fellowman so you cannnot be forgiven.
You chose to live by violence so you shall be violently treated. You chose to do your evil deeds in the
dark so you shall have darkness forever. You chose to not share and help others so you will not be
helped or have anything. You chose to hate so you will never be loved again. You did not answer kindly
when others cried so your cries will go unanswered too. You deceived others and you have been
deceived. You reap what you sowed forever.
Segment Two
Destitute forever in an unseen existence, sometimes so alone but never at peace; only loneliness so
deep it was unutterable, a huge void.
The memories of family and friends and all loved ones makes it more unbearable as the possibilty of
them coming to this place without them or each other, separated always and eternally is too much.
Pain wracked nerves and emotional wounding goes on and on and on. No music, no singing, no
television or games. No agreement about anything. Total inharmonious circumstances with no let up,
no breaks, no addiction relief. Gaping flesh wounds, flu symptoms, fevers, chills, boils, cancers, heart
attacks, strokes with every conceivable and unconceivable evil with full awareness. No comfort, no
pain medicine, no drugs to help you forget, itching deepest itching.
Wrong choices bring wrong outcomes. Snakes, spiders, scorpions,fleas,lice, ticks in abundance. Flying
things, creeping things, crawling things. The expectation of cruelty and torture never leave them.
Over time the fading memories of anything good get further and further apart and only bring regrets
and deep soul searching of remorse. Hatred overcomes them in each session of remembering. Self
hatred for the ungodly choices, hatred for every person who led them to make ungodly decisions,
hatred for all that was good because it is out of reach now and for always ,eternally.
Sexual desire is gone completely. No pleasant memories of any sexual encounter exists here. Tears flow
incessantly. No numbness can even break the pain level. Excruciating body pain and emotional pain.
Pain! Pain! Pain! Rejection! Rejection! Rejection!
Hotter than an oven, burning flesh,stenchy, and smoky causing coughing and spasms. They know every
form of pain, every form of suffering. This is not a nightmare. It is real and it is not going away.
Dehydration, utter weakness, sore throats from screaming. No mercy, no love, no grace, no pardon, just
sentence upon sentence. Slander, accusations, lies, deceptions, teasing, taunting, no peace, no joy, no
happiness. No answers to any questions. No books, no movies, no buildings, no light, no bed, no chair,
no pillow, no grass, no trees, no sky, only a cave-like,thick,stenchy space filled with horrors.
Someone and someone else have no hope, no life, no sense of time anymore. Their misery far exceeds
anything they had known on the earth. They feel exhausted, weak, sickly, unable to move. Who, what,
when, where, when and how are useless words without any knowledge. News is not. Whatever is at any
given moment is all there is. Time is not.
Their names do not matter anymore. Their accomplishments in their former lives mean nothing. Hell is