Two Principles That Bring out the Best in People HTML version

Two Principles that Release the Best in People
Father’s Day Service (2012)
Mike Connell
Sermon Transcript for Sunday, 2-September-2012 (pm)
Copy right 2012 by Mike Connell Ministries
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Summary: People are a gift from God. Right now in this room there could be
someone who's a gift from God for you and you wouldn't even know it, but there
is a way you can unlock it. Whatever you disrespect will move away from you,
whatever you respect will attract towards you. We can become offended when
people don't meet our expectations, and start to dishonour and disrespect them.
Prejudice can stop you receiving people, pride is a terrible thing, causes us to
judge, find fault, see the worst, and build a wall that stops you receiving. Were
you discerning, or just didn't have enough love to celebrate them and receive