Twitter Traffic Automation HTML version

Part 1: Setting up a Twitter Account – The Do’s and Don’ts
If you have a Twitter account, proceed to Part 2.
To start of, you need a Twitter account.
1) Visit
2) Enter your desired nickname.
Please don’t use spammy nicknames. Nicknames such as
Supercashmachine, EarnMoney247 and the likes will put people off
when they view your profile. It is important to remember, No followers
mean No visitors.
Make sure you select your desired nickname according to your
interest; better still use your real name if you’re famous. The idea is to
have interesting nicknames to encourage web surfers to take a peek at
your Twitter profile. E.g. of good nicknames are: garden4life,
Music_Depot. The nickname tells us immediately what the interest of the
person is.
3) Once you’ve set up your Twitter
Settings>Account>One Bio Line” tab.
At the “Bio line” section, please state
briefly your interest e.g. gardening,
music, business etc. And, make sure you
end your “Bio” with your website URL.
Twitter by default uses URL
shortening service to abbreviate long
URLs. So even if you do not shorten your
URL, Twitter will automatically shorten it
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