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There are many e-books out there telling people how
effective traffic from Twitter is, but most of them fall
short in revealing how it is actually done. Some “Twitter
Gurus” are even charging as much as $100 for their e-
books or secrets. I will save you the inconvenience from buying them
and share my knowledge FREE of charge. Moreover no software is
necessary to successfully implement this technique.
How do you attract traffic from Twitter?
For those who are not familiar with Twitter, it is a type of Social Network
whereby you “follow” somebody’s tweets/messages. When you decide to
follow a person, that person has the option to reciprocate. If he or she
follows you, then your tweets or messages will appear on his or her Twitter
page. There are two ways you can attract traffic from Twitter (a) People
reading your profile and clicking on your website link on the profile and (b)
From the Tweets/messages (with links attached to the Tweets. I will explain
further on this later).
Methodology to get traffic from Twitter
This guide will be in 3 parts:
(1) Setting up a Twitter Account – The Do’s and Don’ts
(2) Techniques on how to attract huge followers and translates into
huge traffic
(3) The Experiment: Monetize your Traffic
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