Twiggy in the Home From Hell


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Download the FREE e-Book version of author Nigel King's story of survival through the child abuse that he endured in a North Wales community; and that the press named "The Home from Hell". Presented in two parts, the first one details the daily suffering, abuse, and isolation that the author endured as a child; and the second part provides facts and information about Mr. Shush. Download this FREE e-Book today!

Jennifer Ramey

Very touching book. Such courage it took for this writer to tell his story. I hope he has been able to recover from this tragedy and have a somewhat "normal" life considering everything he has been through. I pray that he knows and has asked for forgiveness from his Lord and Savior God, for God knows all and understands all.

heather parry

very short but good

Danielle bowman

Too graphic for me...I only pray that you will come to know the Creator of your soul...Jesus Christ.


I give this book 5 in ratings. The author has the courage to write a true account of his nightmarish childhood, and expose "sick" perverse men makes this book a winner. A good yet eye opening read to the horrors of society. May "Mr.Shush" and the rest of the "Pedophile Demons" rot in hell.

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