Twenty Four Hells HTML version

accepted Luther's views on immortality, there would be no foundation for Hell. Many
Protestants believe the soul of all who do not accept Christ will instantly be transported to
Hell at the death of the body before the resurrection and judgment day. God deliberately
chooses to make them suffer and feel the pain without any letup forever. The saved will
go to their eternal home in Heaven at death [an instant rapture]. The Westminster Confession
says, "The souls of the righteous...are received unto the highest heavens...the soul of the wicked are cast
into Hell." Does God judge them at death, them maybe thousands of years later, takes them
out of Heaven and Hell to rejudge them at the resurrection to see whether He made a
mistake? Many believe an unbaptized baby will not be saved. This version is still
believed by many today, even by many that say they are looking for the rapture; but an
opposition to belief in Hell is rapidly growing in the Protestant churches. From the
Protestant Reformation unto now there have been many changes and new Protestant
versions of Hell.
[1] THE CALVIN VERSION OF HELL: The given no chance Hell. An extension
of the early Protestant Version, but with a god that made most of mankind knowing he is
going to torment them in Hell forever, and there is nothing they can do to keep from
going to Hell. This god made them just so he could torment them forever as their creed
says, "to His good pleasure." No amount of preaching or teaching can change the number
that shall be in this Hell not even by one person. The Westminster Confession says, "By the
decree of God, for the Manifestation of is glory, some men and angels are predestinated unto Everlasting
Life, and others foreordained unto everlasting death." Some Protestants still believe this version
of Hell that their god made most of mankind just so he could torment them for eternality
but it is not near as poplar as it was a few years ago. Those who say they are orthodox
Protestants who do not believe the Calvin Version of Hell may far out number those who
the early Protestant Version and there was a time when most Protestants believed this
view of Hell but now only a few believe it. There are about as many variations of this
version as there are preachers who preach it. Most taught God had given Hell over to
Satan and Satan will roast most of mankind forever and torment them however he wishes
to. Some have demons peeling off the burning flash of those in Hell with God making
sure they keep it up forever. Some have God doing the tormenting of Satan, the demons,
and man, with God forever pouring in fire and brimstone, and thousands of other ways of
tormenting with each preacher trying to out do the others in telling of the horrors of Hell.
Each one trying to make the god of Hell more evil then the others have. Jonathan
Edwards said God "will crush their blood out and make it fly, so that it will sprinkle his garment and
stain all his raiment." They never tell how they know such details. Put all their horrors
together and it would take many books to tell then all. Some of them get very specific
with the details of the torment. These "Hellfire" preachers are not as poplar as they once
was and their audience is much smaller. It is unimportant to them if they have no Bible
for their Hell or its horrors; the badly mistranslated King James Version is all they need
to make their Hell believable to many with whatever kind of torment they want to put in
it. Some believers of the Calvin version also believe this version and mix the two
together. There is not much unity of belief among the Protestants. Today, in almost any
church if the preacher started preached sermons about Hell that was like the one's
Edwards preached he would be out of work very soon.