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18. The poverty of the wealthy and the loneliness
of the great 62
19. The finest heart tonic in the world 66
20. Giving yourself to a group 70
21. Citizenship-giving 72
22. Are you a credit-giver? 78
23. On the sharing of surpluses 80
24. The gracious art of receiving 84
25. The investment of influence 89
26. For teen-agers only ( Parents please keep out) 92
27. Concerning rebuffs 98
28. The fun comes from inside 103
29. Greater happiness now! 106
A book for the times
C. Several years ago I wrote a brief article entitled
Giving Yourself Away, which appeared anonymously in
FORBES MAGAZINE and was reprinted in even more con-
densed form in THE READER'S DIGEST. With the kind
permission of these publishers, and at the request of
many persons, I have expanded that short article into
the present book, which develops in considerable detail