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It was on this day when I got everything I wanted.
For once, my cell phone didn’t flash with light from a text message, or
have the house phone cry out, indicating someone was calling. The house,
every finely kept and cleaned corner- was silent.
See, most of the time I would get message after message, whether it
was on Facebook, or a text- even a call. Not because they wanted awkward,
blogging Kori- because they wanted Kori Rachel Glowan of the Glowan
Estate at the end of Birch Street in Winslow Woods. It was a life I had to
accept. That even on the rare occasion someone saw through me, I was still
the rich, odd girl in the big house.
The silence was so blissful to me. Human voices- in my head they
were just a nuisance. The only things that came out of them were words that
would hurt you- or make no sense, or just be so irrelevant you didn’t know
how to respond. I never knew how to respond to people anyway. They were
like labyrinths, all twisted inside, and you don’t know where to turn or
where to open up to and you just end of making a fool of yourself.
Maybe that’s why I spent most of my time online or reading a book.
It was better that way. When people were right in my face, I could put
headphones in and play some music. Instead of going out partying I could sit
by a fire and read through one of my many classics I kept up on my
bookshelf. And if my emotions were overwhelmed, I could hop online, blog
about it, write about it- whatever I wanted. Life was more beautiful in a
story anyway.