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Trevie Bear & Lazy Baba in Nepal by Carolyn Smith 3
shapes all over it. Some of them even had flower garlands draped over them, they
found out later that this was for good luck.
Becky, Mum and Dad climbed in to the rickshaw and sat down. Becky put her bag on
the floor by her feet.
The rickshaw driver started to cycle. The carriage must have been heavy with all
these people in and getting started was slow, hard work.
Eventually they were on their way. The rickshaw was picking up speed and was
winding in and out of the traffic. The ride was bumpy and Becky’s bag was getting
jolted about this way and that. Poor Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba were very
Trevie Bear heard Mum and Dad talking. They were on their way to a place called
‘The Monkey Temple.’ He told Lazy Baba and she got very excited, she loved
monkeys. She had seen some in the zoo once and thought they were very funny and
cheeky. She was happy now; she was excited at the thought of seeing lots of
The ride got bumpier and bumpier as the road changed from smooth tarmac to
gravel and rocks. Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba had nothing to hold on to and as they
turned a particularly sharp corner and the rickshaw leant over on one side, they were
thrown from the bag on to the road. They sat in the dust on the side of the street and
watched the rickshaw with Mum, Dad and Becky in, drive away at great speed.
Chapter 3