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Trevie Bear & Lazy Baba in Nepal by Carolyn Smith 2
When the flight was over and they started to land, Becky put Trevie Bear and Lazy
Baba safely back in to her bag. She loved her two toys very much and she didn’t want
to lose them.
She out her bag on her back and carefully climbed down from the little plane. It
was so little that Dad had to duck so as not to hit his head on the ceiling.
The cold air hit them hard when they climbed out of the plane. It was -3 degrees
outside. It was December and Himalayas were covered in crisp, white snow.
Mum, Dad and Becky were all wrapped up in their warmest clothes and thickest
jackets. Dad was wearing his big, thick green jacket today because he said it kept him
warmer than any other. They all wore gloves and scarves to give them extra warmth.
Becky’s scarf was a very bright pink. Dad said he had bought it for her so she would
always stand out and he wouldn’t lose her. Lazy Baba thought that this was a very
good idea.
Becky had even made little gloves and scarves for Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba. She
had been taking knitting classes at school. Trevie Bears gloves and scarf were a dark
blue colour, which was his favourite. Lazy Baba was wearing a red pair of gloves and
scarf, which kept her very warm. She was glad because she hated being cold.
Chapter 2
Once out of the airport Dad flagged down a rickshaw. Lazy Baba thought
rickshaws looked very funny. It was a bicycle with a big carriage on the back for
people to sit in. The carriage was decorated in bright colours with flowers and strange