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Trevie Bear & Lazy Baba in Nepal by Carolyn Smith 1
By Carolyn Smith
Chapter 1
The little plane was flying high in the sky. Trevie Bear had his nose pressed
against the window. He could see the white, fluffy clouds beneath the plane as they
flew. This is amazing he thought.
Suddenly as if out of nowhere he saw them, the majestic Himalaya Mountains.
“Wow! Lazy Baba, Look! Can you see them?” Trevie Bear was pointing out of the
window. Lazy Baba was also completely breath taken by the mountains. They were
beautiful. They stood tall and proud against a clear blue sky.
“Mummy, which one is Mount Everest?” asked Becky. She was sitting in the seat
next to the window with her little bag at her feet. She had taken Trevie Bear and Lazy
Baba out of the bag when they had boarded the little plane, so that they could see.
“Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world Becky,” Mum said turning to look
at her daughter. Mum and Dad were sat in the seats in the row in front of Becky.
“But, it’s not easy to spot amongst these other mountains. Can you see the mountain
which seems to dip in the middle? There is a darker, pointier one behind it? The
pointy one is Mount Everest.”
The Himalayas are made up of more than twenty mountains. Trevie Bear thought they
were all beautiful. He was really enjoying himself.