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Trevie Bear & Lazy Baba Go to Indonesia By Carolyn Smith 3
interest in Yogyakarta (or Yogya for short) everything was a car ride out of the city and Trevie
Bear was eager to move on.
Mum, Dad and Becky booked themselves in to their hotel, quickly got showered and changed
after their long train journey; it had taken eight hours, not six like they had originally thought.
They decided that they would go exploring in Yogya for a while and find something to eat. Dad
told Becky to leave her backpack (with Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba inside) in the hotel room as
they had no need for it in Yogya.
Once the door shut behind them Trevie Bear, angry that he had been left behind, climbed out
of the bag.
Lazy Baba was crawling out of the bag which had been leftonthefloorbesidethebed“Don’t
be ungrateful. None of the other toys back at home get to come on these adventures with
Becky. She chooses us because she loves us the most. She has had a long day and needs a rest.
Trevie Bear had climbed up to the window sill and was sat in a grumpy slump looking out of the
window at the busy Yogya streets. He watched Becky, Mum and Dad hold hands and cross the
road before disappearing down a long, dark alleyway. He knew Lazy Baba was right. So far he
had been on some wonderful adventures in China and in Nepal. Now here he was in Indonesia.
How many toys could say that they had been to these fabulous places? He just wished Becky
“She’llsoonbeback,”LazyBabasaidasshe stretched out on the extremely comfortable bed,
ready for an afternoon of relaxing. Trevie Bear left his place at the window and joined Lazy
favourite pastime. However for him it was just a way of making time go more quickly and it
worked. Before Trevie Bear knew what was happening he was woken with a sharp thump to his
head as he landed on the cold, hard floor. He had been thrown on the floor by Dad to make