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Trevie Bear & Lazy Baba Go to Indonesia By Carolyn Smith 2
“Iknowthat,theygrowallovertheworldindifferentplaces” Trevie Bear was starting to get
They had already been to Jakarta which was an amazing but loud and busy city. They had not
spent very much time there as they would be coming back through Jakarta on the way home
and would be able to spend more time exploring then.
They were on their way to a city called Yogyakarta from where they would be able to visit some
great temple sights. Dad had been given a new, very expensive camera for his birthday because
he has a new found interest in photography. Trevie Bear had seen some of the pictures Dad had
taken and was quietly impressed with the standard. Dad was good! Dad was looking forward to
taking some fabulous pictures of the temples and Trevie Bear was looking forward to seeing
Lazy Baba had begun to get sleepy as she had been looking intently out of the window for a
long time. They had been on this train for three hours already and they had at least another
three hours to go. Mum, Dad and Becky had all fallen asleep within the first hour, giving Trevie
Bear and Lazy Baba a chance to climb out of their backpack and stretch their legs. Lazy Baba
now stretched her arms up over her head and yawned a large, deep yawn, before climbing back
into the backpack and curling up for a much needed snooze. Trevie Bear sighed as she did so,
he thought it was a waste of holiday time being curled up in the backpack and he longed for the
times like this when he could be free to enjoy the sights and learn more about the cultures and
places they were visiting.
“You’resolazy,”he mumbled under his breath as he watched her snuggle up in a comfortable
ball and drift off to sleep.
Chapter 2
markets with stalls selling all kinds of goods for tourists such as bags, shoes, clothes and
jewelry. The streets were small and busy with rickshaws lined up against the pavements with
men sitting and chatting or sleeping with their feet up on the handle bars. There was nothing of