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Trevie Bear & Lazy Baba Go to Indonesia By Carolyn Smith 1
Trevie Bear & Lazy Baba Go to Indonesia
Chapter 1
The train ride was very bumpy.
Clickety click. Clickety click. Clickety click went the wheels of the train as they zoomed along
past stunning scenery. The foliage was the most beautiful Lazy Baba had ever seen. The tall
trees had lovely long leaves which were a shade of green she had never seen before. She stared
out of the window her eyes hungry to see more and she was never disappointed because there
were hundreds of them, sprouting out of the ground all over. It was like riding through a
rainforest. This illusion was only broken now and again with the intermittent spattering of small
houses and huts along the side of the track with the occasional family working and playing in
the garden. She could see that the favourite past time of the children was flying bright,
multicoloured kites high in the sky. As she looked up to follow one particular kite she noticed
that there were many many more up in the clear, light blue sky floating this way and that way
and up and downShestrainedhereyestosee,butnomatterhowhardshetriedshecouldn’t
see where they were being flown from. She sighed, sat back down in her seat and looked at
Becky who was fast asleep leaning her head on Dad who was also fast asleep and snoring!
“What type of tree are those?”sheaskedTrevieBearwhohadhisnosestuckinsideatravel
book about Indonesia.
“They are palm trees,” he said matter of factly without even looking up from his book.