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3Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba in China By Carolyn Smith
On the plane Becky's bag was stored in the overhead compartment. It was dark and
peaceful in there. Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba talked and talked about the trip and
what they hoped they could see.
"I hope we see a real dragon!" exclaimed Trevie Bear. Lazy Baba was not sure about
seeing a dragon, but she hoped that she would get to see the sights of China. She was
so excited she could barely sleep!
The plane soon landed in China and the family got a taxi to the hotel. As they were
getting out of the taxi Trevie Bear noticed something.
"Look Lazy Baba, that building looks like it is wearing a crown."
He was pointing to the building next to their hotel. He was right, it did look like it was
wearing a crown. How unusual.
Once in the hotel room Becky took Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba out of the bag and sat
them on the bed.
"We are going to have so much fun here!" she laughed as she jumped around the
Chapter 3
"Come on Becky. Let's go for a walk," said Dad taking her hand and walking out of
the room.
Once the door had closed behind them Lazy Baba got up and looked around the room.
"There are lots of drawers and cupboards. I wonder if there are other toys in them,
like at home," she said. She jumped off the bed and opened every door and every
drawer. They were all empty.