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2Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba in China By Carolyn Smith
Becky picked up Lazy Baba and put her gently in the bag. Lazy Baba was glad that
Becky hadn't thrown her into the bag like the clothes.
Becky then turned to the bed and saw Trevie Bear lying there half covered by a green
jumper. She knew he would come with her. He was her all time favourite toy who she
could not sleep without. She picked him up and gave him a big hug. Trevie Bear
loved getting hugs from Becky. She then carefully put him in the bag next to Lazy
Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba looked at each other and smiled.
Later that night, while Becky was sleeping, Trevie Bear turned to Lazy Baba and said,
"Did you hear that Lazy Baba? We're going to China!"
"Yes, I heard. I've never been to China before. This is so exciting. I think we should
go to sleep now otherwise we will be tired for the trip tomorrow."
"Yes, I suppose so," said Trevie Bear, but he knew he would not be able to sleep. He
was far too excited. So he just lay quietly throughout the night, waiting for morning
and the exciting adventures that lay ahead.
Chapter 2
The next morning everybody was in a rush. The alarm had not woken Mum and Dad
and now they were going to be late for the airport. Mum rushed into the bathroom,
Dad raced to lock the garage, Becky ate her breakfast at the same time as getting
Becky almost forgot her bag in all the excitement. Luckily dad was there to remind
her as he locked the front door of the house behind them.