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1Trevie Bear and Lazy Baba in China By Carolyn Smith
By Carolyn Smith
Chapter 1
The light was off in the bedroom and all was quiet.
Lazy Baba was asleep in the toy box tucked up as snug as bug in a rug with her
favourite blanket.
Trevie Bear was reading Becky's book of bedtime stories quietly on the bed.
Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps thumping on the stairs as Becky came
running to the bedroom. Trevie Bear quickly closed the book and lay down. The door
flung open and the light lit up the room.
"Hooray! We're going away tomorrow. I'm so excited!" Becky shouted as she started
to throw her clothes in to a bag. She was so excited that she was not packing carefully
and many of her clothes were missing the bag and were landing on Trevie Bear.
Mum came to the door way. She smiled as she watched Becky try to pack.
"Remember, you can only take two toys with you though darling. We don't want any
of them getting lost in China, do we?"
"Only two, Oh!" groaned Becky as she opened her toy box to see which toys she
could bear to leave behind.
"I love you all," she sighed, "but I really couldn't go away without you."