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habilidad, f. , ability, skill, accomplishment.

habitación, f. , room.

hablar, to speak.

habr-á, -é, see haber and hay.

hacer, to do, make, cause, perform, render; — asomar, to bring (toview); — calceta, to knit; — de su capa un sayo, to do as onepleases; — caso de (á), to heed, notice, take notice of; — al caso,to be to the point; — daño á, to hurt, injure, harm; — falta, to benecessary, be needed; — el favor de, to be so kind as to; — fiestasá, to fondle, dandle, play with; no —le gracia á uno, to [Pg 156]displease,not to please; —le á uno monadas, to ogle, cast sheep's eyes on;

— unpapel, to play a rôle; —suerte, to be lucky, successful; — traición,to be untrue, be disloyal; tener que

, to be busy, be occupied; —secargo de, to form an idea of; —se ilusiones, to be deluded, deceiveoneself; hace with expressions of time, for, ago: estoy sirviendoaquí — tres meses, I have been employed here for three months;

ocho días que no descanso, I have not rested for a week;

— que nonos vemos muchos años, we have not seen each other for many years; — cuatro días que apenas como, I have hardly eaten for four days; — catorce años, fourteen years ago; — dos años, two years ago; — cuatro días, four days ago; — ya mucho que perdió usted, youlost... a long time ago; — poco, a short while ago.

hacia, prep. , towards.

hacienda, f. , property, estate, finance; Ministerio de —, Treasury,Department of Finance.

hache, f. , the letter h.

hag-a, -an, -o, see hacer.

har-á, -é, -emos, see hacer.

haragán, -ana, idle, indolent.

hasta, prep. , until, to, up to, as far as; — ahora, so far;

que, conj. , until; adv. , even.

hay ( see haber), there is, there are; — que (+ inf. ), it isnecessary, one must; ¿— alguien? is someone there?;

¿habrá alguien? Iwonder if someone is there?; no ha habido, there has not been; no — quien... , there is no one who...; no — tal cosa, not at all,nothing of the kind.

hay-a, -áis, -an, see haber.

haz, see hacer.

hazaña, f. , exploit.

he, see haber.

( probably imperative of ver); — aquí, behold.

hecho, see hacer; cosa hecha, an accomplished fact; esto es —, thething is settled.

helado, -a, chilled, frozen.

hemos, see haber.

hermana, f. , sister.

hermano, m. , brother.

hermoso, -a, beautiful, lovely.

herrador, m. , farrier, horse-shoer.

herrar, to shoe ( horses).

hice, see hacer.[Pg 157]

hija, f. , daughter; sometimes used without reference to relationship,as in pero hija, llegas tarde, but my dear girl, you come too late.

hijo, m. , son, child; —s míos, my children; sometimes used withoutreference to relationship, as in hijo mío, my dear fellow.

hilo, m. , thread.

hipócrita, f. , hypocrite.

historia, f. , history.

hizo, see hacer.

hojear, to turn the leaves ( of a book), glance over.

hola, interj. ( expresses surprise or familiar greeting), Hello! Lookhere! well, well, haha!

holgazán, -ana, lazy.

hombre, m. , man; interj. , man alive! goodness! why!; —de Dios, manalive!

hombro, m. , shoulder.

hondo, -a, deep, profound.

honradez, f. , honesty.

honrado, -a, honest, honorable.

honrar, to honor.

honroso, -a, honorable.

hora, f. , hour.

horca, f. , gallows, gibbet.

horquilla, f. , hair-pin.

horrible, horrible.

horror, m. , horror.

hortelano, m. , gardener; el perro del —, the dog in the manger.

hospedar, to give lodging to, harbor, entertain.

hospital, m. , hospital.

hospitalidad, f. , hospitality.

hoy, to-day.

hub-iera, -iéramos, -an, -as, -iese, see haber.

hueso, m. , bone, tooth.

huir, to flee.

humor, m. , humor, disposition.

humorado, -a; mal —, ill-humored.


i, f. , the letter i; poner los puntos sobre las íes, to speak to thepoint.

ib-a, -amos, -an, see ir.

idea, f. , idea.

idem, idem, likewise.

idilio, m. , idyl.

iglesia, f. , church.

ignorar, not to know.

igual, equal, like, alike, same, the same, similar.

igualar, to equalize, make alike, match.

igualmente, equally.

ilusión, f. , illusion; hacerse —es, to be deluded, deceive oneself.[Pg 158]

imaginación, f. , imagination.

imbécil, m. , fool, imbecile.

imbécil, silly, stupid.

impedir, to prevent.

impid-a, -e, see impedir.

implicar, to prevent.

importante, important.

importar, to import, matter.

imposible, impossible.

impresión, f. , impression.

imprimir, to imprint, impress upon, stamp, impart.

inaugurar, to inaugurate, begin.

incluso, including.

incomodado, -a, angry.

incomodar, to disturb, inconvenience, offend, displease.

inconscientemente, unconsciously.

inconveniente, m. , inexpediency, objection.

incorrecto, -a, imperfect, irregular.

independiente, independent, separate.

indicar, to show.

indiferente, indifferent.

indignación, f. , indignation.

indigno, -a, unworthy.

inepto, -a, incompetent.

infame, m. , wretch, scoundrel.

infamia, f. , infamy, infamous act.

infancia, f. , infancy, childhood, boyhood.

infeliz, m. and f. , poor creature.

infeliz, unhappy, unfortunate.

inflamación, f. , inflammation.

inflamado, -a, inflamed.

inflamar, to inflame.

informalidad, f. , unconventionality, etiquette.

ingenuidad, f. , candor, frankness.

ingrato, -a, ungrateful.

inhumano, -a, heartless, cruel.

inmediatamente, immediately.

inmenso, -a, immense.

innumerable, numberless.

Inocencia, prop. noun.

inocente, innocent.

insinuación, f. , insinuation, innuendo.

insistir, to insist.

insolente, insolent.

insoportable, unbearable.

inspirar, to inspire.

instalar, to instal, quarter; —se, to come to live, take quarters.

instante, m. , instant; al —, at once, immediately.

instruir, to instruct.

instrumento, m. , instrument.

instruyendo, see instruir.

insufrible, unbearable.[Pg 159]

intención, f. , intention, purpose, desire, significance; me dan —esde, I have a mind to.

intento, m. , purpose.

interesante, interesting.

interesar, to interest.

interior, interior, inside.

interpelación, f. , question put by a member of a legislative assemblyto a minister or member of the government.

interrumpir, to interrupt.

íntimo, -a, intimate.

inútil, useless.

inventar, to invent, concoct.

invierno, m. , winter.

invitación, f. , invitation.

invitar, to invite.

ir, to go, go on, continue; — á (+ inf. ), to be going to; ir+ gerundexpresses progressive action, vamos viviendo, we go on living, wemanage to get along; que voy pagando á plazos, which I am paying on theinstalment plan; — á paseo, to go for a walk; —en un vuelo, to gowith all speed, go like lightning; vamos, interj. , come now, see here,there now, well, indeed! I should say!; vamos á ver, let's see; ahívan... , there are...; ahora va de veras, now it's really settled, nowit's serious; vaya con Dios, God be with you, a polite formula ofleave-taking = good-bye; vaya, interj. , there! there now! well!( denotes impatience, displeasure, or sudden resolution); vaya con expresses ironical contempt, derision or disapproval, as ¡vaya con loscriados! a fine lot these servants are!; ¡vaya con el hombre! justlisten to the man! used emphatically, as ¡vaya una mano linda! there'swhat I call a pretty hand!; —se, to go, go away, go off, leave.

ira, f. , wrath, anger.

irresistible, irresistible.

Isabel, Elizabeth.

Isidra, prop. noun.

izquierdo, -a, left; la izquierda, the left (hand).


¡ja! ¡ja! ha! ha!

jamona, f. , a buxom woman no longer young.

¡je, je, je! interj. , denoting laughter.

jefe, m. , chief, head.

Jesús, m. , Jesus; ¡—! Goodness! Lord! Good heavens![Pg 160]

Jiménez, prop. noun; «Pedro Jiménez,» a brand of Sherry wine.

jorobado, -a, humpbacked.

José, Joseph.

joven, m. and f. , youth, young man, young woman.

joven, young, youthful.

Juan, John.

jubileo, m. , jubilee, merry-making, thronging of people.

juega, see jugar.

jueves, m. , Thursday; —Santo, Holy Thursday.

jugar, to play; — con, to mock, make game of.

juguete, m. , trifle, play-thing; — cómico, comedietta.

juicio, m. , judgment, sense, wits, senses, good sense; el día deljuicio, the Day of Judgment; muela del —, wisdom-tooth.

juicioso, -a, judicious, sensible, discreet.

juntito, -a ( dim. of junto), united, together.

junto, -a, together; muy —s, very close together.

junto, adv. , near, at hand; —á, prep. , near, by.

justicia, f. , justice.

justo, -a, just, proper.

juzgar, to judge, deem.

juzgue, see juzgar.


labrar, to cause, work out.

lacayo, m. , lackey, groom.

lado, m. , side; de al —, near by.

lágrima, f. , tear.

lamentar, to lament, regret.

largarse, to leave, go away, be off.

largo, -a, long; cuatro dedos de —, a length of four finger-breadths.

lástima, f. , pity; me das —, I pity you.

lastimar, to hurt.

lateral, lateral, side.

lavabo, m. , washstand.

lavar, to wash.

lección, f. , lesson.

leer, to read.

lejos, far.

Lelis, prop. noun ( suggests the meaning of lelo, ninny, fool).

leña, f. , fire-wood.

letra, f. , letter, handwriting; de su puño y —, in her ownhandwriting.

levantar, to raise; —se, to rise.

leve, light, slight.

levita, f. , frock-coat.

ley, f. , law.

leyendo, see leer.

libertad, f. , liberty.[Pg 161]

librar, to free, deliver, preserve.

libro, m. , book.

lila, f. , lilac, lilac color; colloquial, foolish, stupid.

limpiar, to clean.

limpio, -a, clean, free, clear; poner en —, to make a fair copy of.

lindo, -a, pretty.

lío, m. , imbroglio, confusion, scrape; armarse un —con, to gettangled up with, not to understand a jot about; meterse en un —, toget into a scrape.

listo, -a, prompt, bright, clever, shrewd.

literata, f. , literary woman, bluestocking.

literatura, f. , literature.

lo, ntr. , the.

lo, it, so.

lo, that; — de, the affair of, the business of; —de siempre, the sameold thing; — que, what (that which), that ( after todo); — que eshoy, as for to-day.

lograr, to succeed in, accomplish.

lucero, m. , morning-star.

lucir, to shine, appear to advantage; —se, to be eminently successful,make a fine showing; ironically, to make a mess of it.

luego, then, next, presently, afterward; desde —, at once, of course,naturally.

lugar, m. , place.

Luisa, Louisa.

lujo, m. , sumptuousness, elegance.

lujosamente, sumptuously.

lumbre, f. , fire; al amor de la —, by the fireside.

luna, f. , moon; — de miel, honeymoon.

lunes, m. , Monday.

luto, m. , mourning.

luz, f. , light.

luzca, see lucir.


llamar, to call, attract; ¿Cómo se llama usted? What is your name?

llegar, to arrive, reach; — á, to arrive at, reach, get to, happen to.

llenar, to fill.

lleno, -a, full, filled.

llevar, to carry, take, take away, charge, ask ( a price), endure,suffer ( disappointments), wear, raise ( the hand to the face), — ácuestas, to carry on one's back; —se (algo), to take, carry away, carryoff.

llorar, to weep, cry.[Pg 162]


madre, f. , mother.

Madrid, prop. noun.

maduro, -a, ripe.

magnate, m. , magnate; pl. , the nobility, the great.

magnífico, -a, magnificent, fine; ¡—! that's fine!

majadero, -a, foolish, silly.

majestad, f. , majesty, majestic bearing.

majo, -a, spruce, trim, fine.

mal, adv. , poorly, ill.

mal, see malo.

maldito, -a, accursed, confounded.

malejo, -a, rather bad.

malicioso, -a, malicious, spiteful.

malo, -a, bad, evil, poor, uncivil.

malsano, -a, unhealthful.

malvado, m. , wicked person.

malvavisco, m. , marsh-mallow ( an emollient is made from a preparationof the root).

mamá, f. , mamma.

mamarracho, m. , fool, clown.

mameluco, m. , dolt, simpleton.

mampara, f. , screen, screen-door.

mancha, f. , stain.

mandar, to send, order, give orders; ¿Qué manda usted?

What is yourpleasure?

manera, f. , manner, way; de ninguna —, by no means.

manga, f. , sleeve, hose; — de riego, hose, watering hose.

mano, f. , hand; echar —, to put out one's hand.

Manolito, familiar for Manuel.

mansedumbre, f. , gentleness, mildness.

Manuel, prop. noun.

mañana, f. , morning.

mañana, adv. , to-morrow; —mismo, no later than to-morrow; pasado —,the day after to-morrow.

máquina, f. , machine, sewing-machine.

mar, m. and f. , sea; la — de, a lot of, a great number of.

marcado, -a, pronounced.

marcar, to mark, pronounce.

marco, m. , frame.

marcha, f. , march; en —, let's be off.

marchar, to march, progress; la cosa marcha, the affair is progressing; — bien, to work well; —se, to go away, leave.

marear, to tire, annoy, vex.

maremagnum, m. ( Latin word used in current Spanish), confusion,disorder; ¡qué —! what a lot of people![Pg 163]

María, f. , Mary; ¡— santísima! For heaven's sake!

marido, m. , husband.

mártir, m. , martyr.

más, adj. , more, other, another.

más, adv. , more, most, longer; — bien, rather; ¡qué ( noun)

( adj. )! what a ( adj. and noun)!; ni — ni menos, just exactly,precisely; no — que, only.

Matalauva, prop. noun.

Matalavieja, prop. noun.

matar, to kill.

matemáticas, f. pl. , mathematics.

materialista, m. , materialist, literalist.

matrimonio, m. , matrimony, marriage, married couple.

máxima, f. , maxim.

mayor, greater, larger, greatest, utmost.

mayoría, f. , majority.

mechita, f. ( dim. of mecha), a small wad ( of cotton or lint).

media, f. , stocking.

médico, m. , doctor.

medida, f. , measure, moderation.

medio, m. , middle, way, means; pl. , means; por —, in the way,between (one).

medio, -a, half.

mejilla, f. , cheek.

mejor, adj. , better, best.

mejor, adv. , better, best.

melón, m. , melon.

menester, m. , necessity; es —, it is necessary.

menor, less, least, slightest.

menos, adj. , less, least.

menos, adv. , less, least; á — que, conj. , unless; al —, atleast; lo —, at least; echar de —, to miss; tener á —, to consideras beneath one's dignity.

menos, prep. , except.

mentira, f. , lie; parece —, it does not seem possible.

mercader, m. , trader, trafficker, manipulator.

merced, f. , favor.

mérito, m. , merit.

mes, m. , month.

mesa, f. , table; — de escritorio, writing-desk.

metálico, -a, metallic.

meter, to put; — la pata, to put one's foot in it; —se en algo, toget mixed up in something; —se en un lío, to get into a scrape; —se enpolítica, to go into politics.

Metternach, prop. noun.

Metternich, prop. noun.

mezclar, to mix, mingle.

mi, my.

miedo, m. , fear; tener —, to be afraid.[Pg 164]

miel, f. , honey.

mientras, while; — no, until; — que, while.

mil, thousand.

ministerio, m. , ministry, governmental department, the buildings ( or offices) of a governmental department; — de Hacienda, Treasury,Department of Finances.

ministro, m. , minister.

minuta, f. , first draft, memorandum.

minuto, m. , minute.

mío, -a, my, of mine.

mirada, f. , glance, look.

mirar, to look, look at, see, consider; mira, look here, see here.

mismo, -a, same, very, self.

mismo, adv. , same, very; ahora —, just now; lo —, likewise, in thesame manner; es lo —, it is just the same; lo

— da, it is all thesame; mañana —, no later than to-morrow.

misticismo, m. , mysticism, religious fervor.

místico, -a, mystic.

mitad, f. , half, middle; partir por la —, to split in two.

moda, f. , style, fashion; á la —, stylishly, in fashion.

modales, m. pl. , manners.

modelo, m. , model.

modestia, f. , modesty.

modesto, -a, modest.

modo, m. , mode, manner, degree, urbanity; de — que, so then, so; con malos —s, uncivilly; de todos —s, at any rate, anyhow.

mohín, m. , grimace.

mohino, -a, peevish, grouchy, sulky.

molde, m. , mould, form.

molestar, to annoy, disturb, bother.

momento, m. , moment; al —, at once.

monada, f. , flattery, blandishment; hacerle á uno —s, to ogle, castsheep's eyes on.

monín, -ina ( dim. of mono), cunning, cute, darling, dearest,sweetest.

monjita, f. ( dim. of monja), little nun.

mono, -a, pretty, nice, "cute."

monotonía, f. , monotony, monotonous mode of living.

monstruo, m. , monster.

Montesinos, prop. noun.

moral, moral; lo —, moral qualities.

moralizar, to render moral, reform.

moralmente, morally.

moreno, -a, dark; Sierra M—a, a chain of mountains in Southern Spain.[Pg 165]

morir, to die; —se, to die, be in a dying condition.

mosquita, f. , little fly; — muerta, a person of meek and timidmanner, who is at bottom resourceful and


mostrar, to show.

motivo, m. , motive.

mover, to move; —se, to move ( intrans. ), stir.

movimiento, m. , movement, motion.

mozo, m. , boy, servant.

mu, m. , sound imitating the bellowing of a bull.

mucho, -a, much; pl. , many.

mucho, adv. , much, very, greatly, a long time.

mudar, to change; —se de ropa, to change one's clothes.

muela, f. , grinder, back tooth; — del juicio, wisdom-tooth.

muelita, f. ( dim. of muela), (dear) little tooth.

muelle, m. , spring.

muerte, f. , death.

muerto, -a ( see morir), dead.

muestra, see mostrar.

muestra, f. , sign.

mueven, see mover.

mugir, to bellow.

mujer, f. , woman.

mundo, m. , world; todo el —, everybody.

muñeca, f. , wrist.

murmullo, m. , murmur, murmuring.

música, f. , music.

músico, m. , musician.

muy, very, very much, very much of, enough of, dear.


nación, f. , nation.

nada, nothing, anything ( with negative expressed or inferred), not atall, I should say not! no use; — de eso, not at all; no... —, all; pues —, no trouble at all, that is very simple; ¡—! not atall, by no means.

nadie, no one; anyone, anybody ( with negative).

nariz, f. , nose.

natural, natural.

naturalidad, f. , naturalness, candor.

naturalmente, naturally.

necesario, -a, necessary.

necesidad, f. , necessity.

necesitar, to need, must.

necio, -a, stupid, idiotic.

negar, to refuse, deny; —se (á), to refuse.

negocio, m. , business, matter; pl. , business.

negro, -a, black.[Pg 166]

nervio, m. , nerve.

nervioso, -a, nervous.

ni, neither, nor, not, not even, even, or; — aun, not even;

— que + subj. , not even though.

niegue, see negar.

ninguno, -a, no, none, no one, not any, any ( with negative).

niña, f. , girl.

niñez, f. , childhood.

niño, m. , child.

no, no.

noble, noble.

noche, f. , night; esta —, to-*night, last night; (muy) buenas —s,good evening; de —, by night, in the night-time.

nombrar, to appoint.

nombre, m. , name, Christian name.

nosotros, -as, we, us, ourselves.

nota, f. , note, memorandum.

notable, remarkable.

noticia, f. , news, information.

novedad, f. , novelty, news, trouble, accident; tener —, to haveanything the matter with one, have any trouble, be ill.

novela, f. , novel, romance.

novena, f. , novena ( Catholic church service lasting nine days).

novia, f. , sweetheart.

novio, m. , sweetheart, lover, suitor.

nuestro, -a, our, ours, of ours.

nuevo, -a, new.

numeroso, -a, numerous.

nunca, never, ever ( after negative).

nupcias, f. pl. , marriage, nuptials.


ó, or.

obligación, f. , obligation; tener —, to be obliged.

obligar, to oblige, compel.

obligue, see obligar.

obscuro, -a, obscure, dark; á obscuras, in the dark.

observación, f. , observation.

obtener, to obtain.

obtuvo, see obtener.

ocasión, f. , occasion, opportunity.

ocultarse, to hide.

ocupar, to occupy, engage, busy; —se de, to busy one-self with, lookafter.

ocurrencia, f. , occurrence, witty remark; ¡Qué —! what a comicalidea! how funny!

ocurrir, to occur, happen; ¿Qué ocurre? What is the matter?

ocho, eight.[Pg 167]

oficina, f. , office.

ofrecer, to offer.

¡Oh! interj. , oh.

oig-a, -o, see oir.

oir, to hear, listen.

ojalá, interj. , would to God...! used independently, would to God(it were so)!

ojo, m. , eye; echar —s, to cast eyes.

oler, to smell, scent, discover.

olvidar, to forget.

olvido, m. , forgetfulness, oblivion; dar al —, to forget, cast intooblivion.

once, eleven; las —, eleven o'clock.

operación, f. , operation; gabinete de —es, operating-room; sillónde —es, operating-chair, dentist's chair.

operar, to operate, operate on.

opinar, to have an opinion, think; ¿opina usted? do you think so?

oponer, to oppose.

opuesto, -a ( see oponer), opposite.

oración, f. , prayer.

orador, m. , orator.

orden, f. , order, command.

orden, m. , order, classification, system, regularity.

ordenanza, m. , messenger.

ordinario, -a, ordinary, common.

orificar, to fill with gold.

original, original.

ortografía, f. , spelling.

otro, -a, other, another; —a cosa, anything else; —a vez, again.

oy-e, -endo, see oir.


paciencia, f. , patience; — y barajar, Patience! and shuffle thecards, be patient and stick to it.

paciente, m. , patient.

padecer (de), to suffer (with).

padre, m. , father.

pagar, to pay.

paja, f. , straw; no dormirse en las —s, to be vigilant, keep one'seyes open.

pájaro, m. , bird.

palabra, f. , word.

palabrota, f. , rough, offensive word.

palangana, f. , wash-basin.

palma, f. , palm of the hand; batir —s, to clap the hands, beat timewith the hands.

palmada, f. , clapping of the hands, applause.

palmito, m. , a woman's face.

pamema, f. , sham, twaddle.

pan, m. , bread; más bueno que el —, as good as gold.[Pg 168]

Pandereta (tambourine), prop. noun.

paniaguado, m. , protégé, intimate.

pantalón, m. , trousers, pair of trousers; pl. , idem.

pañales, m. pl. , swaddling-clothes.

paño, m. , cloth.

pañuelo, m. , handkerchief.

papá, m. , papa.

papel, m. , paper, rôle; hacer un —, play a rôle.

papelillo, m. , small piece of paper.

paquete, m. , package, parcel.

Paquito ( colloquial for Francisco).

par, m. , pair, couple.

para, for, to, in order to, towards; — que, conj. , that, in orderthat.

parado, -a, standing; quedarse —, to stop.

parar, to stop.

parecer, to seem, appear, look, look like; parece mentira, it does notseem possible; á tí no te parece bien, you are not pleased with; ¿Qué teparece? What do you think?;

se á, to resemble.

parecido, -a, appeared, resembling; bien —, good-looking.

pared, f. , wall; — por medio, (with) a wall in the way, (with) awall between us.

parezc-a, -o, see parecer.

pariente, m. , relative.

parricida, m. and f. , parricide.

parroquiano, -a, m. and f. , customer.

parte, f. , part, place; á cuantas —s sea necesario, everywherenecessary; en alguna —, somewhere; de — de, on behalf of, from; todas —s, everywhere.

participar, to communicate, inform, report.

particular, particular, peculiar; ¿Qué tiene de —, what is therepeculiar about...?

partido, m. , (political) party, advantage; tener gran —, to be agreat favorite, be very popular.

partir, to split, divide, share, allot, leave; —se algo, to sharesomething.

pasado, -a, passed, past; — mañana, the day after to-morrow.

Pasalodos, prop. noun.

pasar, to pass, enter, go in, come in, go, spend ( time), give, deliver( a message), to happen; — de ( with expressions of time), toexceed, go beyond, last longer than; pero no pasa de ahí, but that is asfar as it goes;[Pg 169] —lo muy bien, to get along nicely; — por, to passas, appear as, be taken for; pasen ustedes, after you; eso ya pasó, it'sall over; ¿Qué pasa? what is the matter?; ¿Qué le pasa á usted? what isthe matter with you?; —se, to happen; —sele á uno algo, to leave one,go away ( said of pains, etc.); de pronto se me pasan, they immediatelyleave me.

pasear, to walk, pace, walk about; —se, to take a walk, idle away time.

paseo, m. , promenade, walk; ir (salir) á paseo, to go for a walk; veá —, be off with you!

pasillo, m. , brief comedy of farcical tendencies, comedietta.

paso, m. , step, passage; abrirse —, to burst forth, break out.

pata, f. , leg and foot ( of animals); colloquially, leg and foot ofhuman beings; meter la —, to put one's foot in it.

Paula, prop. noun.

pausa, f. , pause.

paz, f. , peace.

pedir, to ask, ask for.

Pedro, Peter; «Pedro Jiménez,» a brand of Spanish sweet wine.

pegar, to join, stick, glue.

peinarse, to comb the hair, dress the hair.

peine, m. , comb.

Peláez, prop. noun.

pelo, m. , hair; pl. , hair.

penetrante, penetrating, piercing.

pensamiento, m. , thought.

pensar, to think, expect, intend, have in view; — en, to think of; menos pensado, least expected.

peor, adj. and adv. , worse.

Pepa, prop. noun ( colloquial for Josefa, Josephine).

pequeño, -a, small, little.

perder, to lose, ruin, undo; — de vista, to lose sight of.

perdido, -a, lost, done for, ruined.

perdón, m. , pardon.

perdonar, to pardon, forgive.

Pérez, prop. noun.

perfección, f. , perfection.

perfectamente, perfectly.

perifollos, m. pl. , frippery, finery.

periódico, m. , newspaper.

periodista, m. , journalist.

periquete, m. , short time, jiffy.

perjudicar, to injure, harm.

perjuro, -a, perjured, untruthful.[Pg 170]

perla, f. , pearl.

permanecer, to remain.

permiso, m. , permission; con —, by your leave, allow me.

permitir, to permit, allow; me permito... , I take the liberty to...

pero, but, now; ¡—! why!

perro, m. , dog; — del hortelano, dog in the manger.

perseguir, to pursue.

persona, f. , person.

personaje, m. , personage; pl. , dramatis personæ.

personal, m. , personnel, caste.

pertenecer, to belong.

pescar, to catch.

pesebre, m. , manger, feed-trough.

peseta, f. , peseta ( about 20 cents).

peso, m. , weight, burden.

pianista, m. , pianist.

piano, m. , piano.

picar, to prick, puncture, pique, provoke, irritate; estar picada unamuela, to be decayed, have a cavity.

picarillo m. ( dim. of pícaro), little rogue.

pícaro, m. , rogue.

pid-a, -e, -o, see pedir.

pie, m. , foot; en —, standing.

piens-a, -en, see pensar.

pierd-e, -o, see perder.

pinchazo, m. , prick, puncture.

pintar, to paint; —se solo para una cosa, to be especially good at athing.

pintiparado, -a, just like, closely resembling, identical.

piñoncito, m. , small pine-nut kernel ( suggestive of something smalland pretty).

pisar, to tread on.

piso, m. , floor, story.

planta, f. , plant.

plantar, to plant; dejar plantado, to desert, drop, give up.

plato, m. , plate.

plazo, m. , time, term, date, instalment.

pobre, poor.

pobre, m. and f. , poor man, poor woman, beggar.

pobrecito, -a ( dim. of pobre), poor little, poor dear; subs. , m.and f. , poor fellow, poor woman; ¡—s! poor dear people!

poco, -a, little, a little; pl. , few.

poco, adv. , little, a little, but little; á —, presently, almost,for a little.

poder, to be able, can, may; puede, it may be; puede que , it may be,may be so; puede que esté... , it may be...; yo no puedo más, I can'tendure this any longer, cf. Fr. « je n'en[Pg 171] peux plus»; ¿se puede? mayI (come in)?

podré, see poder.

poesía, f. , poetry.

poético, -a, poetic.

Policarpo, prop. noun.

polilla, f. , moth, moths, waster.

política, f. , politics; meterse en —, to go into politics.

Polonia, prop. noun.

polvo, m. , dust, powder; pl. , face-powder; —s de arroz, rice-powder( for the toilet).

pondré, see poner.

poner, to put, place, apply; — en acción, to represent, act;

— buenacara á, to look pleasantly at, be agreeable to;

el grito en elcielo, to shriek, scream; — en limpio, to make a fair copy of; — enridículo, to make ridiculous; —se, to become, put on; —se (á), tobegin; —se de punta, to stand on end ( said of hair).

pong-a, -o, see poner.

poquito, ( dim. of poco, adv. ), very little.

poquito, -a ( dim. of poco, -a, adj. ), very little.

por, by, for, on account of (being), in order to, to, on, of, from,over, as, according to, through, referring to, however ( followed byadj. and subjunctive clause), as — grande que fuera, however largeit might be; — aquí, here, hither, this way, "around here"; ¡— Dios! for heavens sake!; — eso, on that account; — lo demás, otherwise; — lo menos, at least;

¿— qué? why?; — sí sola, of itself,automatically.

porfiado, -a, obstinate, persistent.

porfiar, to wrangle, dispute.

porque, because, for.