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común, common.

comunicar, to communicate, make known.

comunicativo, -a, communicative, affable.

con, with, by, in.

conceder, to concede, grant, accord.

concesión, f. , concession.

conciencia, f. , conscience.

concluir, to conclude, finish, end matters, put an end to; hemosconcluído, it's all over between us.

concluyamos, see concluir.

conducta, f. , conduct.

confesar, to confess.

confianza, f. , confidence, freedom, intimacy.

confiar (en), to confide, trust.

confieso, see confesar.

conformarse (con), to put up with, become resigned to.

conforme, according as; — para, according to, that depends on.

Congo, m. , Congo.

congreso, m. , congress, congressional hall ( i.e. , el Palacio delCongreso); Congreso de diputados, Congress, Spanish house ofrepresentatives.

congrio, m. , conger-eel.

conjunto, m. , combination, aggregation, mass.

conmigo, with me.

conmovedor, -ora, affecting, touching.

conmover, to move, touch ( said of the emotions).

conmueve, see conmover.[Pg 141]

conocer, to know, perceive, recognize, observe; se conoce, it isevident, it is plain.

conocido, m. , acquaintance.

conocido, -a, well-known.

conozco, see conocer.

conque, conj. , now then, well then, so.

consecuencia, f. , consequence; á — de, as a result of.

conseguir, to get, succeed in.

consentir, to consent, allow; — (en), to consent (to).

conservar, to keep.

Conservatorio, m. , Conservatory.

consideración, f. , consideration.

considerar, to consider.

consiento, see consentir.

consistir, to consist.

conspirar, to conspire.

constar, impers. , to be evident, be proven; conste, be it known.

consuelo, m. , consolation, comfort, relief.

consulta, f. , consultation.

consultar, to consult; — una cosa con alguien, to ask one's adviceabout something.

consumatum est ( Lat. ), it is finished.

contar, to count, tell, relate; — con, to count on.

contemplar, to contemplate.

contento, m. , joy, satisfaction.

contento, -a, pleased, satisfied.

contestar, to reply, answer.

contigo, with thee, with you.

continuar, to continue.

contorsión, f. , contortion.

contra, against.

contrariar, to vex, disappoint.

contrariedad, f. , bad humor, dissatisfaction, vexation.

contrario, -a, contrary; al —, (the) opposite, on the contrary.

convendría, see convenir.

convenir, to be fitting, be expedient, be well, suit, behoove; meconviene, it behooves me; no conviene, one should not.

conversación, f. , conversation.

convicción, f. , conviction.

convidar, to invite.

conviene, see convenir.

conviniera, see convenir.

convite, m. , invitation.

copa, f. , goblet, cup; sombrero de —, high hat.

copiar, to copy.

copita, f. , small glass, (small) wine glass.

coquetear, to flirt.

coquetería, f. , coquetry.[Pg 142]

coquetismo, m. , coquettishness.

corazón, m. , heart.

corbata, f. , scarf, necktie.

correcto, -a, correct.

corregir, to correct; —se, to amend one's ways.

correr, to run; — prisa, to be urgent; no me corre prisa, I am not ina hurry; corriendo, run on, hurry.

Correspondencia, f. , name of a Madrid newspaper.

corresponder (á), to reciprocate, return ( a favor), requite;

— á, tobelong to, fall to.

corriente, ready; adv. , all right, very well.

corriges, see corregir.

corrijo, see corregir.

corsé, m. , corset.

cortar, to cut, cut off.

cortesano, m. , courtier.

cortesano, -a, courtly, polite, complimentary, of the capital.

corto, -a, short.

cosa, f. , thing, affair; — hecha, an accomplished fact; otra

,anything else, something else, otherwise; no hay tal —, not at all,nothing of the kind.

coser, to sew.

cosita, f. , (little) thing.

Cosme, prop. noun.

costado, m. , side; pl. , maternal or paternal ancestry.

costar, to cost.

cotorra, f. , small parrot, magpie, loquacious woman.

credencial, f. , certificate of appointment, appointment.

credo, m. , credo, creed.

creer, to believe; ¿Cree usted? Do you think so?; Creo que sí, I thinkso; ¡Ya lo creo! I should think (say) so!; ¡Ya lo creo que no! I shouldthink not!; ¡Ya lo creo que...! You may bet that...!

criada, f. , servant-girl, maid.

criado, m. , man-servant.

crónico, -a, chronic.

cuadrar, to square; —se, to show firmness.

cuadro, m. , picture, scene, frame, case.

cual, which, what; el —, la —, lo —, who, which; cada —, eachone.

¿cuál? cuál ( indirect question), which? what? which one?

what one?

cualidad, f. , quality.

cualquier, see cualquiera.

cualquiera, any, any... whatever, anyone, anybody, either one.

cuando, when; aun —, conj. , although.

cuanto, -a, how much, as[Pg 143] much, as much as, whatever, all that; pl. ,as many, so many, as many as, all the; todo —, all that; á cuantaspartes sea necesario, everywhere necessary.

¿cuánto? how much?; pl. , how many?

¡cuánto! how much! how!

cuanto, adv. , as much as; en —, conj. , as soon as; en —

á, prep. , as for.

cuarenta, forty.

cuarto, m. , room, small copper coin, cent ( used vaguely to express atrifling sum).

cuarto, -a, fourth.

cuatro, -a, four.

cubierto, see cubrir.

cubrir, to cover.

cuclillas (en), adv. , in a squatting position; puesto en —

,squatting, crouching.

cuela, see colar.

cuello, m. , neck.

cuenta, f. , count, account; darse — de, to notice, realize; echarla —, to calculate, form an estimate; tener — una cosa, to beprofitable, be of advantage.

cuentan, see contar.

cuento, m. , story, tale; — en acción, dramatized story.

cuerda, f. , cord, string.

cuerdamente, prudently, advisedly.

cuero, m. , leather, hide; en —s, naked, destitute.

cuerpo, m. , body; tener el diablo en el —, to be lively, be full ofmischief.

cuesta, f. , back, hill, slope; á —s, on one's back.

cuest-a, -e, see costar.

cuestión, f. , question, matter, affair, dispute, quarrel.

cueva, f. , cave.

cuidado, m. , care; ¡—! notice! take care! beware!; ¡—

con...! beware of! look out for! it's a caution!

culpa, f. , fault; tener la —, to be to blame, be one's fault.

culpable, guilty, blame-worthy.

cumplido, m. , compliment, formality; nada de —s, no formality.

cumplir, to fulfil, carry out.

curar, to cure.

Currito, familiar for Francisco.

cursi, cheap, vulgar, shabby-genteel.

cutis, m. , skin.

cuyo, -a, whose, of which.


chanchullo, m. , peculation, fishy transaction, "graft."

chasco, m. , joke, disappointment.[Pg 144]

chico, m. , small boy, lad, young fellow.

chico, -a, small.

chimenea, f. , fireplace.

china, f. , pebble; a boy's game in which one of the participantsguesses which of the other's hands contains the pebble. If he choosesthe hand holding the pebble, he loses.

Hence, tocarle á uno la —, todraw the unlucky pebble, be the unlucky one.

chiquirritito, very, very small.

chistecito, m. ( dim. of chiste), little joke, joke.

chocar, to shock.


dañar, to injure, impair, affect.

daño, m. , harm, injury; hacer — á, to harm, injure, hurt.

dar, to give, cause, strike, attack, seize ( said of pains);

unavance á, to accost a person for help of some kind, give one a "brace"; — con el codo, to nudge with the elbow;

en, to hit, strike; — golpe, to excite admiration, create a furor; — gusto (á), toplease; —le á uno intenciones (de), to have a mind to; — mediavuelta, to turn half around, turn one's back on a person; — al olvido,to forget, cast into oblivion; — prisa á, to hurry; — la puntilla,to deal the final blow, give the coup de grâce; — vergüenza á, toshame, make ashamed; — voces, to shout; — la vuelta, to return; daleque le das, without stopping, persistently; lo mismo da, it's all thesame; me das lástima, I pity you; no me da la gana, I don't want to; como les da la gana, as they please; déle expresiones, remember mekindly to him;

—se cuenta de, to notice, realize; —se por, to consideroneself as; —se prisa, to hurry; —se tono, to pose, put on airs.

de, of, as, at, with, by, in, on, to, from, about; than ( beforenumerals or a clause beginning with lo or lo que).

, see dar.

debajo de, prep. , under.

deber, to owe, should, must, ought; — de (+ inf. ), ought, to be to( expresses probability);[Pg 145] —se, to be owing, be due.

débil, weak.

debilidad, f. , weakness, faintness of the stomach.

decente, decent, proper, nice.

decidido, -a (á), decided, ready.

decidir, to decide; —se, to decide, make up one's mind.

decir, to say, tell; es —, that is to say, I mean; querer —, tomean; digo, I mean, that is ( to correct a previous statement); ¡digo! interj. , my! I declare! I should say!

dedicar, to dedicate, devote.

dedo, m. , finger, finger-breadth.

deducir, to deduce, infer.

dejar, to let, allow, leave, let go, let alone; — cesante, to removefrom office, discharge; — de, to cease, quit, fail;

plantado, todesert, drop, give up, "turn down"; —se de, to give up, renounce,cease, leave off.

del = de + el.

delante, adv. , in front; — de, prep. , before, in front of.

delirio, m. , delirium, madness; con —, madly.

demás; por lo —, otherwise.

demasiado, -a, too much, too great, excessive; adv. , too, too much.

demente, demented, mad.

demonio, m. , demon, devil; ¡—! the deuce!

demostrar, to demonstrate, show.

demuestra, see demostrar.

den, see dar.

dentadura, f. , set of teeth.

dentista, m. , dentist; profesor —, doctor of dental surgery.

dentro, adv. , within, inside.

depender (de), to depend (on).

deplorable, deplorable.

derecho, -a, right; la derecha, the right hand.

desagradar, to displease.

desahogado, -a, in comfortable circumstances.

desahogarse, to unbosom oneself, give vent to one's feelings.

desahogo, m. , ease, comfort.

desahogue, see desahogarse.

desaparecer, to disappear.

desatinar, to bewilder, perplex, drive distracted.

descansar, to rest, repose.

descarado, -a, impudent, saucy.

desconocido, -a, unknown.

descorchar, to uncork.

descortés, discourteous.[Pg 146]

descubrir, to discover, make known, disclose.

descuidado, careless, negligent.

descuidar, to neglect; descuide usía, have no fear.

desde, prep. , from, since; — que, conj. , since, from the momentthat; — chico, from the time he was a small boy;

— luego, naturally,of course.

desdén, m. , disdain, scorn.

desear, to desire.

desempeñar, to redeem; to fill or discharge ( an office).

desengaño, m. , disillusion.

deseo, m. , desire.

deseoso, -a, desirous.

desesperado, -a, desperate, in despair.

desgracia, f. , misfortune.

desgraciadamente, unfortunately.

desgraciado, -a, unfortunate, wretched.

deshilacharse, to ravel, fuzz.

despacio, slowly, leisurely.

despecho, m. , pique, spite, chagrin, mortification.

despedir, to dismiss, discharge, emit, radiate.

despide, see despedir.

despilfarro, m. , prodigality, waste, extravagance; pl. , idem.

desplegar, to unfold, display.

después, adv. , later, afterwards; — de, prep. , after;

que, conj. , after.

desterrar, to drive away, dispel.

destinar, to destine, intend.

destino, m. , employment, position, (government) job, public office.

desvanecerse, to faint.

desvanecido, -a, fainting.

desvergonzado, -a, shameless, impudent.

detalle, m. , detail.

detener, to detain; —se, to stop, stay.

detengan, see detener.

detiene, see detener.

detrás, adv. , after, behind; — de, prop. , behind.

devanadera, f. , spool, bobbin; tener las tripas como una

, to be ina state of worry and anger, be ready to burst with rage.

devocionario, m. , prayer-book.

devolver, to return.

di, see decir.

día, m. , day; el — menos pensado, some fine day, when leastexpected; (muy) buenos —s, good morning, good day, how do you do?; de —, by day, in the daytime; ocho —s, a week.

diablo, m. , devil; tener el —[Pg 147] en el cuerpo, to be very lively, befull of mischief.

diabólico, -a, diabolical.

diálogo, m. , dialogue.

diario, -a, daily.

dic-e, -en, -es, -iendo, see decir.

dicho, -a ( see decir), the said, aforesaid, the same.

dichoso, -a, happy, blessed.

diente, m. , tooth.

d-iera, -ierais, -ieron, see dar.

diez, ten.

diferenciar, to differentiate, distinguish.

difícil, difficult.

difunto, -a, defunct, deceased.

dig-a, -as, -o, see decir.

digno, -a, worthy.

dij-e, -era, -imos, -iste, -o, see decir.

diluvio, m. , deluge.

dineral, m. , large sum of money.

dinero, m. , money.

Dios, m. , God; — mío, Good heavens! Oh dear!; hombre de —, manalive!; por —, for heaven's sake.

diputado, m. , deputy, representative.

dir-é, -éis, -á, see decir.

dirección, f. , direction.

dirigir, to direct; —se á, to move towards, address.

discípulo, m. , pupil.

disclotao, mispronunciation of descotado, -a, in low neck, decolleté.

discurso, m. , discourse, speech.

disgustar, to disgust, displease, disgruntle.

disgusto, m. , disgust, displeasure, annoyance, worry.

disparate, m. , nonsense, absurdity.

dispensar, to pardon, excuse; dispense usted, pardon me.

disponer, to dispose, dispose of, get ready.

dispongo, see disponer.

disposición, f. , disposition, inclination, condition.

dispuesto, -a ( see disponer), ready.

distraer, to distract, divert.

distrito, m. , district.

dividir, to divide.

doce, twelve.

doctor, m. , doctor.

doler, to ache, pain.

dolor, m. , pain; — de muelas, toothache.

dominar, to dominate, control.

domingo, m. , Sunday.

don, m. , Don, Sir ( followed by a Christian name).

donde, where; por —, whence; ¿dónde? where?

doña, f. , Doña ( followed by a Christian name).[Pg 148]

dorado, -a, gilt, gilded.

dormir, to sleep; —se, to go to sleep; no —se en las pajas, to bevigilant, keep one's eye open.

dos, two; los —, las —, both.

dote, f. , dowry.

doy, see dar.

drentro, mispronunciation of dentro.

duda, f. , doubt; sin —, doubtless.

dudar, to doubt, hesitate.

duele, see doler.

dueño, m. , owner, master.

duerma, see dormir.

dulce, sweet, soft, gentle.

dulzura, f. , gentleness, tenderness.

durante, during.

durmiendo, see dormir.

duro, m. , dollar.


é, and ( before i- and hi-).

¡ea! there now, well.

económico, -a, economic.

echar, to throw, toss, cast; — la cuenta, to calculate, form anestimate; — mano, to put out one's hand; —de menos, to miss; — ojos, to cast eyes; —se, to lie down.

edad, f. , age.

eh, eh, what?; ¿si, —? indeed? really?

ejem, interj. , ahem.

ejemplo, m. , example.

ejercer, to exercise, practice, follow ( a profession, etc. ).

ejercicio, m. , exercise; pl. , devotional reading, (military) drill.

el, la, lo, the; el que, la que, lo que, los que, las que, he who, theone who, etc.

él, la, lo, dem. pron. , that.

él, ella, ello, he, him, she, her, it.

eléctrico, -a, electric.

elegir, to choose.

elemento, m. , element.

elija, see elegir.

elixir, m. , elixir; a compound tincture or medicine.

elocuente, eloquent.

elogio, m. , eulogy, praise.

embargo, m. , hindrance; sin —, nevertheless.

embrollar, to entangle, confuse.

embustera, f. , liar.

emoción, f. , emotion.

empapar, to soak, saturate.

empecemos, see empezar.

empeñar, to pledge, pawn; —se (en), to insist.

empeño, m. , eagerness, determination, persistence; tener

— (en)que, to be anxious, desire earnestly.[Pg 149]

empezar, to begin.

empieza, see empezar.

empleado, m. , employé, government clerk, office-holder.

emplear, to employ, engage, appoint ( to public office).

empleo, m. , employment, position, (government) job.

empujar, to push, shove.

en, in, on, to, at.

enaguas, f. pl. , underskirt, petticoat.

enamorado, -a, enamoured, in love.

encanto, m. , charm.

encargar, to charge, recommend, commission, enjoin.

encerrona, f. , trap, snare ( for persons), cf. pop. "put-up job."

encima, adv. , above, on top; quitarle á uno de —, to remove, takeoff one's mind.

encontrar, to find, meet, consider; —se, to be; —se bien, to feelwell; ¿me encuentras bien? Do I look well?; —se con, to meet, runacross.

encuentr -a, -as, -o, see encontrar.

energía, f. , energy.

enfermo, m. , patient.

enfermo, -a, ill.

enganchar, to hook, entrap, catch.

engañador, -ora, deceitful, deceiving.

engañar, to deceive.


f. ,


adv. ,


prosperously; quedeusted — ( polite phrase of leave-taking), good day, or my bestwishes.

enhoramala, adv. , in an evil hour, unpropitiously; vaya usted —, Goand bad luck to you! Go to blazes!

enjuagarse, to rinse one's mouth or teeth.

enjuague, m. , tooth-wash, mouth-wash, water for rinsing the teeth, cupfor rinsing.

enjuague, see enjuagarse.

enjugar, to wipe, dry.

ensayo, m. , trial, rehearsal; haz tus ensayos, rehearse your part.

enseñar, to teach, show.

enseres, m. pl. , implements, instruments.

ensuciar, to dirty.

entender, to understand; —se con, to come to an understanding with.

enterar, to inform; —se (de), to learn, find out.

entero, -a, entire, whole.

entiendo, see entender.

entonces, then.

entrar (en), to enter, go in; —se, to enter.[Pg 150]

entre, between, among.

entreabrir, to half open.

entregar, to deliver, hand (over), give; —se, to surrender, submit.

entregue, see entregar.

entretener, to entertain, divert, amuse, occupy, keep, detain, take upone's time, dally with; —se, to while away time; no puedo —me, Ican't delay.

entretenga, see entretener.

entristecer, to sadden.

entusiasmo, m. , enthusiasm.

envidia, f. , envy.

envidioso, -a, envious.

envolver, to wrap.

envuelto, see envolver.

época, f. , epoch, time.

equipaje, m. , baggage.

equivocarse, to be mistaken.

er-a, -amos, -as, -es, see ser.

erre, f. , the letter R; — que —, obstinately, persistently, keepit up!

error, m. , error, mistake.

es, see ser.

escalera, f. , staircase, stairway.

escamar, to make distrustful; —se, to become distrustful, take offence,show resentment.

escándalo, m. , scandal, commotion, fuss, row.

escardar, to weed, weed out; mandar á — cebollinos, to send (one) tothe devil.

escasear, to be scarce.

escena, f. , scene, stage.

Escorial, m. , town of about three thousand inhabitants, situated somethirty miles northwest of Madrid, containing the famous Real sitio deSan Lorenzo del Escorial, founded by Philip II.

escribiente, m. , clerk.

escribir, to write.

escrito, -a, see escribir.

escritorio, m. , writing-desk.

escuchar, to listen, listen to, hear.

ese, esa, that ( near the person addressed).

ése, ésa, eso, that ( near you), that one, the former, the aforesaid; eso es, that's right; eso de que... , the idea that..., the fact that...; y eso que... , and then, too, just think that...; por eso, on thataccount.

espacio, m. , space.

espalda, f. , back, shoulders; de —s á, back to.

espantajo, m. , scarecrow, "fright."

España, f. , Spain.

especialidad, f. , specialty, master, adept.[Pg 151]

espectáculo, m. , spectacle, sight.

espejo, m. , mirror.

espera, f. , wait; sala de —, waiting-room.

esperanza, f. , hope.

esperar, to hope, wait, await, wait for.

espíritu, m. , spirit.

esposo, m. , husband.

establecer, to establish.

estado, m. , state, condition ( whether married, single, or widowed).

estar, to be, remain, be present, be at home, be here, be there, befinished; está bien, very well, all right; — bien, to be well, lookwell; — de acuerdo, to be of one mind, be agreed; ¡estás fresco! you'll be disappointed; — en la gloria, to be in heaven ( for joy),be in bliss; — en un grito, to be in constant pain; — para (+ inf. ), to be about to;

¡Para bromitas está el hombre! The man is in afine mood for jests!; — por (+ inf. ), to be almost ready to, beinclined to; — en relaciones, to be engaged in a love-affair;

devuelta, to have returned, be back; —se, to be, remain; estése ustedquieto, behave yourself.

estatua, f. , statue.

este, esta, this, the latter.

éste, ésta, esto, this one, this, this fellow, the latter.

est-é, -és, see estar.

estocada, f. , stab, thrust.

estómago, m. , stomach.

estorbar, to annoy, bother, be in the way.

estoy, see estar.

estrechar, to press, squeeze.

estrella, f. , star.

estropear, to maim, spoil.

estuche, m. , case; — de operaciones, instrument-case.

estudiar, to study.

estufa, f. , stove.

estúpido, -a, stupid.

estuv-iera, -iese, see estar.

etcétera, et cetera, etc.

exageración, f. , exaggeration.

exagerado, -a, extreme, exaggerated ( in one's ideas or actions).

examinar, to examine.

excelencia, f. , excellency.

excepción, f. , exception.

exclamar, to exclaim.

exclusivamente, exclusively.

excusar, to excuse; —se (de), to apologize, ask to be excused.

explicar, to explain.

exponer, to expose; —se á, to run the risk of.[Pg 152]

expresión, f. , expression; pl. , remembrance, respects; déle ustedexpresiones, remember me to him, give him my regards.

expresivo, -a, expressive, affectionate, cordial.

extender, to extend.

exterior, exterior, outside.

extracción, f. , extraction.

extraer, to extract.

extranjero, m. , foreigner, foreign countries; en el —, abroad.

extranjero, -a, foreign.

extraño, -a, strange, odd, rare.

extremeño, m. , native of Extremadura ( a province of Spain).

extremo, -a, extreme; en —, exceedingly.


fabricar, to manufacture.

facciones, f. pl. , features.

fácilmente, easily.

facha, f. , appearance, aspect, sight.

falda, f. , skirt.

falso, -a, false, deceitful.

falta, f. , lack, want, need; hacer —, to be necessary, be needed; nihace —, it isn't necessary; á mí me hacen —, I need.

faltar, to fail, be lacking, be absent, fail to go; — á la verdad, totell an untruth; ¡no faltaba más! that would be too much! the very idea!

familia, f. , family.

famoso, -a, famous.

fantasma, m. , fancy, chimera.

fastidiar, to annoy, bother, give annoyance.

fastidio, m. , annoyance, nuisance; ¡Qué —! How annoying!

fatiga, f. , fatigue; pl. , hardship, anguish.

favor, m. , favor; es —, you are very kind ( in answer to acompliment); hacer el — de, to be so kind as to.

favorecer, to favor.

felicidad, f. , joy, happiness.

Felipe, Philip.

feliz, happy.

felpudo, m. , mat.

fenómeno, m. , phenomenon.

feo, -a, ugly.

fervor, m. , fervor.

fiel, faithful, true, exact.

fiera, f. , wild beast.

fiesta, f. , feast, holiday, entertainment; hacer —s á, to fondle,dandle, play with.

figura, f. , figure, form.

figurar, to figure, be represented as; —se, to imagine.[Pg 153]

fijar, to fix; —se en, to notice closely.

filosofar, to philosophize.

fin, m. , end; en —, finally, after all, in short; al cabo y al

,after all, after all is said and done; por —, finally.

fingir, to feign, dissemble.

finjamos, see fingir.

fino, -a, delicate, smooth.

finura, f. , delicacy, courtesy.

firme, firm, solid.

físicamente, physically.

físico, -a, physical.

Fislomena, prop. noun, a mispronunciation of Filomena.

flechar, to pierce with an arrow; inspire love at first sight.

flor, f. , flower.

Flores, prop. noun.

fluxión, f. , inflammation, abscess.

fonda, f. , hotel, tavern.

fondo, m. , background.

forcejear, to struggle.

forceps, m. , forceps.

forma, f. , form, manner.

formal, formal.

foro, m. , back ( of a stage).

fortuna, f. , fortune; por —, fortunately.

frac, m. , dress-coat.

francamente, frankly, candidly.

Francisco, Francis.

Francisquito ( dim. of Francisco), Francis.

franco, -a, frank, open.

franqueza, f. , frankness.

frasco, m. , flask, vial, bottle.

frasquito, m. , small flask, small bottle.

Frasquito, colloquial for Francisco.

frecuencia, f. , frequency.

frecuentar, to frequent.

frecuente, frequent.

fregar, to scrub, scour.

frente, f. , forehead.

frente, m. , front; — á, in front of, before.

fresco, -a, fresh; ¡estás —! You'll be disappointed!

frialdad, f. , coldness, coolness.

frío, m. , cold, chill; tener —, to be cold, be chilly.

friolerilla, f. ( dim. of friolera), trifle.

frotar, to rub.

fruto, m. , fruit.

fu-é, -era, -eron, -ese, see ser or ir.

fuego, m. , fire.

Fuentesaúco, prop. noun.

fuera, adv. , out, outside; ¡—con! out with!; — de, out of.

fuerte, strong, severe.

fuerza, f. , force, strength; de por —, violently, necessarily,without any doubt.[Pg 154]

fumar, to smoke.

furioso, -a, furious, raging.

futura, f. , betrothed, future wife.

futuro, -a, future.


gabinete, m. , sitting-room, private office; — de operaciones,operating-room.

galante, gallant.

galantería, f. , gallantry, courtesy.

gallinita, f. , pullet.

gallo, m. , cock; alzar el —, to speak loud and insolently.

gana, f. , desire, inclination; pl. , idem; tener —s (de), todesire, wish; como les da la —, as they please; no me da la —, Idon't want to.

ganar, to gain, win, earn, make, surpass; á listo no te gana nadie, noone can surpass you in cleverness.

gancho, m. , colloquial, charm, attractiveness, art of pleasing.

garbanzo, m. , chick-pea.

García, prop. noun.

Garlopa ( f. , jack-plane), m. , prop. noun.

gastar, to spend.

gasto, m. , expense.

gazmoñería, f. , hypocrisy, prudery.

generalmente, generally.

genio, m. , temper, disposition.

gente, f. , people; pl. , idem; tratar á las —s, to go into theworld, go into society.

gestionar, to arrange, look after; — un asunto, to attend to abusiness matter.

gesto, m. , gesture.

gloria, f. , glory, bliss, heaven; pl. , glory; estar en la —, to bein bliss, be in heaven ( for joy).

gobierno, m. , government, administration.

goce, see gozar.

golpe, m. , blow, shock; dar —, to excite admiration, create a furor.

golpecito, m. , tap, light blow.

González, prop. noun; las de —, the González women.

gordo, -a, big, fat.

gozar (en), to enjoy, delight in.

gozoso, -a, joyful, gleeful.

gracia, f. , grace, name; pl. , thanks; —s á que no hay, thankgoodness there is no...; ¿su — de usted? what is your name?; nohacerle — á uno, to displease one, not to please one, not to seemfunny to one.[Pg 155]

gracioso, -a, gracious, amusing, funny, witty.

gran, see grande.

grande, great, large, big.

grasa, f. , grease, fat.

gratis, adv. , gratis, free.

grato, -a, pleasant, pleasing, agreeable.

grave, grave, serious.

griego, -a, Greek.

gritar, to shout.

grito, m. , shout, cry; á —s, shouting; estar en un —, to be inconstant pain; poner el — en el cielo, to scream, shriek.

grosería, f. , coarseness, rudeness, ill manners, act of discourtesy.

grosero, -a, rude, rough, coarse, uncivil.

guante, m. , glove.

guapo, -a, good-looking, handsome, pretty, elegant.

guardar, to keep; —se, to hold back, keep back.

guardia, f. , guard.

guasón, m. , jester, joker.

guita, f. , ( slang) money.

gustar, to taste, enjoy, please, be agreeable, like; ¿le gusta á usted? Do you like?; á mí no me gusta, I do not like; ¡me gusta! how absurd! Ilike that!

gusto, m. , taste, pleasure; dar — (á), to please; á —

,pleasantly, in comfort; ¡qué —! how nice! isn't that fine!


h-a, -an, -as, see haber.

haber, to have; impers. , to be; hay, there is, there are;

¿habráalguien? I wonder if anyone is there?; — de (+ inf. ), to have to, beobliged, must, should, to be to; expressing futurity or likelihood, asusted no ha de volver, you will never return.