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portal, m. , vestibule, hallway.

portería, f. , janitor's lodge, door-keeper's office, main entrance.

porvenir, m. , future.

posada, f. , inn, hotel.

poseer, to possess.

posible, possible.

posición, f. , position.

posma, m. , dullard, dunce, bore.

postdata, f. , postscript.

postizo, -a, false, artificial.

práctico, -a, practical.

precioso, -a, precious, exquisite, splendid.

precisamente, precisely, exactly.

preciso, -a, necessary.

preferencia, f. , preference, favoritism.

preferir, to prefer.[Pg 172]

prefiero, see preferir.

pregunta, f. , question; seguir á la cuarta —, to be without funds,be "hard up."

preguntar, to ask.

premio, m. , prize.

prenda, f. , quality, trait, garment, article of wear; pl. , charms,endowment; no dolerle —s á uno, not to care.

preocupar, to concern, worry; —se, to worry.

preparar, to prepare; —se, to get ready.

presencia, f. , presence.

presentar, to present, introduce; —se, to appear.

presidente, m. , president, presiding officer, speaker.

préstamo, m. , loan; casa de —s, loan company.

presumir, to presume, dare, put on airs.

pretender, to pretend, claim, solicit ( a position).

pretendiente, m. , candidate, office-hunter, suitor.

pretextar, to allege as an excuse, feign.

pretexto, m. , pretext.

prima, f. , cousin, simpleton.

primer, see primero.

primero, -a, first.

prisa, f. , haste, hurry; correr —, to be urgent; no me corre

, Iam not in a hurry; darle prisa á uno, to hurry (one); darse —, tohurry, be in a hurry; tener —, to be in a hurry.

probar, to prove, try, test.

probidad, f. , integrity.

probo, -a, upright.

proceder, to proceed.

procesión, f. , procession.

Procopio, prop. noun.

producir, to produce, cause, create.

profesión, f. , profession.

profesor, m. , professor; — dentista, doctor of dental surgery.

profesora, f. , professor.

profeta, m. , prophet.

prohibir, to forbid.

promesa, f. , promise.

pronto, adv. , soon, presently, quickly; de —, suddenly, hurriedly.

propio, -a, proper, suited, appropriate, own, same, self; amor —,personal pride.

proponer, to propose; —se, to propose, intend.

proporción, f. , proportion, chance, opportunity, match, suitor.

proporcionar, to afford, provide, permit; —se (algo), to procure, get.

propósito, m. , purpose, intention; á — de, apropos of,[Pg 173] speakingof; á —, by the way.

prosa, f. , prose.

protestar, to protest.

provecho, m. , profit, advantage; de —, capable, efficient.

próximo, -a, next, near.

prudencia, f. , prudence.

público, m. , public.

público, -a, public.

pud-iendo, -ieran, see poder.

pudoroso, -a, bashful, sly.

pueblecito, m. ( dim. of pueblo), little town.

pueblo, m. , village, town.

pued-a, -e, -es, -o, see poder.

puerta, f. , door; — de la calle, street-door.

pues, adv. , well, then, now, why, accordingly; — bien, well, wellthen, why, as I was saying; — nada, no trouble at all, that is verysimple; ¡— si...! why...!

pues, conj. , for, since.

puesto, -a ( see poner); — que, conj. , since; — en cuclillas,crouching, squatting.

punta, f. , point, tip; de —, on end, erect.

puntapié, m. , kick.

puntilla, f. , dagger ( for despatching wounded bulls in the arena); dar la —, to deal the final blow, give the coup de grâce.

punto, m. , point, dot.

puño, m. , fist; de su — y letra, in her own handwriting.

Pura, prop. noun.

pus-e, -iste, see poner.


que, rel. , who, which, what.

¿qué? what? which? how?; ¿á —? why?; ¿á — viene?

why? wherefore?; ¿por —? why?; ¿y —? well, what of it?

¡qué! what! what a! how!; ¡— ( noun) más ( adj. )! what a ( adj. andnoun)! as in ¡— tío más insoportable! what an unbearable fellow!; ¡— cutis más fino! what a delicate skin!

que, conj. , that, for, when ( introducing a clause after an expressionof time); and á —, until ( after verbs of waiting, etc. ).

que, adv. , than, as; no... más —, only.

quedar, to remain, be left, be; — cesante, to lose one's position; — en, to agree to, decide upon; ¿en qué quedamos? how do we[Pg 174] stand?what are we to agree to?; —se, to remain, be left, be, stay, get,become; —se parado, to stop.

quejarse, to complain.

querer, to wish, want, desire; interrogatively, will...?;

decir,to mean.

querido, -a, dear.

querrás, see querer.

¡quiá! interj. ( denoting incredulity, disapproval, or negation),Pshaw! no, indeed!

quien, rel. , who, whom, he who, the one who, whosoever, whomsoever; followed by subjunctive clause, someone who; no hay —... , there isno one who...

¿quien? who? whom? which one?

quier-a, -an, -as, -e, -es, -o, see querer.

quieto, -a, quiet; estése usted —, behave yourself, keep still.

quince, fifteen.

quinientos, -as, five hundred.

quinto, -a, fifth.

quirúrgico, -a, surgical.

quisiera ( see querer), I should like ( cf. Fr. « je voudrais

andGer. " ich möchte"); ¡qué más — yo! what more could I ask for!

quiso, see querer.

quitar, to take away, take off, remove; —se, to take off;

¡quita deahí! Hush your nonsense!; —le á uno de encima, to remove, take offone's mind.

quizás, perhaps.


rabiar, to rave, be furious, suffer racking pains; — por, to be crazyto, be most anxious to.

rabioso, -a, furious, raging, mad with pain.

Raigón, prop. noun; as a common noun, big root, stump of a (back)tooth.

Raigoncillo, prop. noun. ( dim. of Raigón).

raíz, f. , root.

rápidamente, rapidly, quickly.

raro, -a, rare, peculiar, queer.

Rastro, m. , a market in Madrid of knick-knacks and second-handarticles.

rato, m. , (small space of) time, moment, while; no se pasa mal el —,one doesn't have a bad time.

razón, f. , reason; tener —, to be right.

real, m. , real ( a coin worth about five cents).[Pg 175]

realito, m. ( dim. of real), real.

realizar, to realize.

rebuz..., for rebuzno.

rebuzno, m. , braying of an ass.

recado, m. , message.

rece, see rezar.

recibir, to receive, be at home, receive callers.

recoger, to gather, collect, get.

reconocer, to recognize.

recordar, to recall, remember.

recuerdo, m. , memory, souvenir.

recursos, m. pl. , resources, means.

referir, to relate, tell; —se, to refer.

refiero, see referir.

refiriendo, see referir.

reflexionar, to reflect.

regañar, to scold.

regocijo, m. , joy, delight.

reina, f. , queen.

reir, to laugh; —se, to laugh; —se de, to laugh at.


f. ,



pl. ,


( matrimonial); estar en —es, be engaged in a love affair, be engaged.

relativamente, relatively.

religioso, -a, religious.

remediar, to remedy, help.

remedio, m. , remedy, help, cure; no hay más — que, there is nothingto be done but; no voy á tener más — que, there'll be nothing for meto do but; ¡qué —! there's no way out of it, there is no help for it; sin —, irrevocably, without doubt.

renombrado, -a, renowned, famous.

renta, f. , income.

renunciar (á), to renounce, give up.

reparar, to notice, look closely; — en, to consider, give heed to,stop for.

repartir, to distribute, divide, share, apportion.

reparto, m. , cast.

repetir, to repeat; referring to pains, to return, come back.

repit-a, -e, -o, see repetir.

repondrán, see reponer.

reponer, to replace, reemploy, reappoint.

reprimir, to restrain, repress.

reproducir, to reproduce.

repulgo, m. , ridiculous scruple.

requebrar, to make love to, flatter, pay compliments ( to a woman).

resolución, f. , resolution, determination.

resolver, to resolve, determine; —se, to make up[Pg 176]

one's mind; estoyresuelto á todo, I am ready for anything.

respecto, m. , respect; — á, with respect to, concerning.

respetar, to respect.

respeto, m. , respect, regard.

respirar, to breathe.

resto, m. , rest.

resueltamente, resolutely.

resuelto, -a, see resolver.

retentar, to threaten to return, suggest a relapse ( said of illness andpain).

retient-a, -an, see retentar.

retintín, m. , tinkling, sarcastic tone of voice.

retirado, -a, retired, secluded.

retirar, to retire, withdraw, draw back.

retroceder, to draw back, start back.

reunión, f. , party, reunion.

reunir, to unite, possess, combine.

revelar, to reveal, show.

revolotear, to flutter, fly about.

rezar, to pray, say ( a prayer).

rezo, m. , prayer.

rí-a, -e, -en, -iendo, see reir.

Ricardito ( dim. of Ricardo), Richard.

rico, -a, rich, delicious.

ridículo, m. , ridicule; ir en —, be (look) ridiculous; poner en —,to make ridiculous.

ridículo, -a, ridiculous.

riego, m. , watering, irrigation; manga de —, hose.

riqui-riqui-riqui, the sound of scissors cutting.

riquísimo, -a ( superl. of rico), most delicious.

robar, to rob, steal.

Rocío, prop. noun.

rocío, m. , dew.

rodilla, f. , knee.

Rodrigo, Roderick.

rogar, to beg, entreat.

romano, -a, Roman.

romería, f. , pilgrimage; a place much frequented.

ropa, f. , clothes.

rosa, f. , rose.

ruido, m. , noise, uproar.


saber, to know, know how, learn, find out, be able; ¿qué sabes tú? whatdo you know about it?; ¡qué sé yo! I'm sure I don't know.

saborear, to enjoy, delight in.

sabréis, see saber.

sacamuelas, m. , tooth-puller.

sacar, to draw, pull out, pull ( a tooth), take out, bring out, get,earn; —se, to get; —se un diente (una muela), to get a toothpulled.[Pg 177]

sacrificar, to sacrifice.

sacudimiento, m. , shake, jerk; hacer los —s, to shake.

sacudir, to shake.

sajar, to scarify, make a small incision into the flesh.

sala, f. , (large) room, hall, parlor; — de espera, waiting-room.

saldrán, see salir.

salg-a, -áis, -amos, -an, see salir.

salida, f. , going, departure.

salir, to go out, come out, grow out, turn out, result, appear; — de,get rid of, be free of, escape; — á paseo, to go for a walk.

saltar, to leap, jump, knock out ( a tooth).

saludar, to bow.

salvaje, savage, barbarous.

Sandalia, prop. noun (sandal).

sano, -a, healthful.

santiguarse, to make the sign of the cross, bless oneself.

santo, -a, holy.

santo, -a, m. and f. , saint.

saqu-e, -é, see sacar.

sardina, f. , sardine.

sastre, m. , tailor.

satánico, -a, satanical.

satisfacción, f. , satisfaction.

satisfacer, to satisfy.

sayo, m. , coat; hacer de su capa un —, to do as one pleases.

, see saber.

, see ser.

se, oneself, himself, herself, themselves, one another, to one another.

se-a, -amos, -an, -as, see ser.

seco, -a, dry; en —, curtly, abruptly.

secretaría, f. , secretaryship, clerkship.

secretario, m. , secretary; — del ayuntamiento, town clerk.

seguida, f. , continuation; en —, immediately.

seguir, to follow, continue, continue to be; ¿sigues soltero? are youstill a bachelor?; ¿y usted sigue lo mismo? are things about the same asusual with you?

segundo, -a, second.

seguro, -a, sure, certain; de —, surely.

seis, six; las —, six o'clock.

seiscientos, -as, six hundred.

semana, f. , week.

semejante, similar, like, such a, such.

senador, m. , senator.

sencillo, -a, simple.

sentar, to seat, place; —se, to sit down.[Pg 178]

sentémonos, see sentarse.

sentido, -a, as adv. , feelingly.

sentido, m. , sense; sin —, unconscious.

sentimiento, m. , feeling, regret, pain.

sentir, to feel, regret, feel sorry; —se, to feel; me siento otro, Ifeel like a different man.

señalar (á), to indicate, point out.

señor, m. , gentleman, Mr., master (of the house), sir ( usedabsolutely, as in sí, señor); not translated before nouns denotingprofession, rank, title, or parentage, as in

—es diputados,el — ministro; — mío, my dear sir; los —

es (de) ... , Mr. andMrs....

señora, f. , lady, madam, Mrs., wife; muy — mía, my dear madam.

señorita, f. , Miss, young lady.

señorito, m. , young gentleman, sir, (young) Mr...., master (of thehouse).

sepa, see saber.

separado, -a, separate; por —, separately.

separar, to separate; —se, to separate.

ser, to be; á no — que, conj. , unless; ¿Qué sería de vosotras? Whatwould become of you?; es que, the fact is.

serenata, f. , serenade.

sereno, m. , night dew; dormir al —, to sleep in the open air.

seriamente, seriously.

seriedad, f. , serious air, gravity.

serio, -a, serious.

servidor, -ora, m. and.f, servant; servidor (-ora) de usted, at yourservice, or what can I do for you?

servir, to serve, be of use, be employed as a servant;

para, to begood for; no — para nada, to be of no use, do no good; para — áusted, at your service.

setenta, seventy.

Sevilla, f. , Seville.

si, if, whether; why! indeed! ( cf. Fr. « mais! »).

, yes, indeed; undoubtedly, certainly ( followed by a que clause); ¿—, eh? indeed? really?

, oneself, himself, herself, itself, themselves.

sido, see ser.

siempre, always, still; — que, conj. , whenever; lo de —, the sameold thing.

siendo, see ser.

sient-a, -o, see sentir.

sient-a, -an, -e, -o, see sentar.[Pg 179]

sierra, f. , chain of mountains, mountains; S— Morena, chain ofmountains in Southern Spain.

siete, seven.

sig-a, -o, see seguir.

sigu-e, -en, -es, -iendo, see seguir.

siguiente, following.

silencio, m. , silence.

silencioso, -a, noiseless.

silla, f. , chair.

sillón, m. , armchair; —de operaciones, operating-chair, dentist'schair.

simpático, -a, pleasing, agreeable, attractive, congenial.

simple, simple, mere.

sin, without; — que, conj. , without.

sino, except, but ( after negative).

sinvergüenza, adj. , shameless, impudent.

siquiera, at least.

sirv-e, -en, -es, -iendo, see servir.

sitio, m. , place; en su —, in the proper place (spot).

situación, f. , situation.

sobrar, to be more than enough, be in excess.

sobre, on, above, over; —todo, above all, especially.

sobretodo, m. , overcoat.

sobrina, f. , niece.

sociedad, f. , society.

soez, mean, vile, base, worthless.

sofoco, m. , vexation, chagrin.

soga, f. , rope, halter.

sois, see ser.

sol, m. , sun.

solamente, only, solely.

soleá, f. , Andalusian form of Castilian soledad, solitude;Andalusian





solemne, solemn.

soler, to be wont, be in the habit.

solfa, f. , solfeggio, music.

solicitar, to solicit, request, apply for.

solo, -a, sole, single, alone; por sí —, of itself, automatically.

sólo, adv. , only, merely.

soltera, f. , spinster.

soltero, -a, single, unmarried.

solterona, f. , old maid.

sombrero, m. , hat; — de copa, silk hat, high hat.

somos, see ser.

son, see ser.

sonámbula, f. , somnambulist.

sonreir, to smile.

sonriendo, see sonreir.

sonriente, smiling, pleasant, affable.

sonrisa, f. , smile.

soñar, to dream of, imagine; — con, to dream of.[Pg 180]

soponcio, m. , fainting-fit, swoon.

sorprender, to surprise.

sorpresa, f. , surprise.

sosiego, m. , quiet.

sostener, to hold, hold open.

soy, see ser.

su, his, her, its, their, your, one's.

suavemente, softly, gently.

subir, to go ( or come) upstairs, rise.

subsecretario, m. , assistant secretary.

suceder, to happen.

sucesión, f. , succession, issue.

sudor, m. , sweat, toil, drudgery; ¡Ay, qué —es! what anguish!

suegra, f. , mother-in-law.

sueldo, m. , salary.

sueles, see soler.

sueñan, see soñar.

sueño, m. , dream, fancy.

suerte, f. , fate, lot, luck, chance, fortune; hacer —, to be lucky,be successful.

sufrir, to suffer, endure, bear.

sumamente, quite, in the highest degree.

sumar, to add up.

sumisión, f. , submissiveness.

sup-e, -o, see saber.

suplicar, to beg, entreat.

suplir (á), to take the place of, act as substitute for.

suponer, to suppose.

supongo, see suponer.

suprimir, to suppose, abolish.

supuesto, -a ( see suponer), por —, of course.

susini, m. , brand of Cuban cigarette.

suspender, to suspend, delay, put off.

suspirar, to sigh.

suspiro, m. , sigh.

sustituir, to substitute, replace, take the place of.

sustituto, m. , substitute.

sustituyendo, see sustituir.

susto, m. , fright.

suyo, -a, his, hers, its, theirs, yours, one's.


tabique, m. , thin wall, thin partition.

tacaño, -a, stingy.

tacto, m. , touch.

tal, such, such a, so; el —, la —, etc. , the aforesaid; el —

Felipe, this fine Philip ( ironical); con — de, provided(that); con — que, conj. , provided (that); no hay

— cosa, not atall, nothing of the kind.

también, also.

tampoco, either, neither, not... either.

tan, so, as, such, such a.[Pg 181]

tanto, -a, so much; pl. , so many.

tanto, adv. , so much; en — que, conj. , until; por —, therefore; por lo —, consequently.

tapar, to cover.

tardar, to delay, linger, wait, be long.

tarde, f. , afternoon, evening.

tarde, adv. , late; llegar —, to come too late, have no chance.

taza, f. , cup.

tecla, f. , key ( of a piano); tocar una —, to strike a key, resortto some expedient.

telón, m. , curtain.

temblar, to tremble.

temer, to fear.

temor, m. , fear.

templo, m. , temple, church.

temporada, f. , period of time.

temprano, early.

ten, see tener.

tendr-á, -é, -ía, see tener.

tener, to have, hold, keep; — muy buenas aldabas, to have influentialfriends, have a "pull"; — cuenta una cosa, to be profitable, beadvantageous; — el diablo en el cuerpo, to be very lively, be full ofmischief; — frío, to be cold; — ganas, to desire, wish; — á menos,to consider as beneath one's dignity; — miedo, to be afraid;

obligación, to be obliged; no — para que + inf. , to have noreason for; — por, to consider, take for; — prisa, to be in a hurry; — que + inf. , to have to, must; — empeño (en) que, to be anxious,desire earnestly; — que hacer, to be busy, be occupied; — que vercon, to have to do with;

razón, to be right; — las tripas como unadevanadera, to be in a state of worry and anger, be ready to burst withrage.

teng-a, -an, -as, -o, see tener.

teniente, m. , lieutenant.

tentación, f. , temptation.

tercero, -a, third.

terminante, conclusive, definite, positive.

término, m. , terminus, wing ( in stage divisions); primer

,foreground of stage; segundo —, middle of stage; tercer —,background of stage.

terreno, m. , land, ground, soil.

terrible, terrible.

tiempo, m. , time.

tienda, f. , store, shop.

tien-e, -en, -es, see tener.[Pg 182]

tiento, m. , steadiness ( of hand).

tierno, -a, tender, affectionate, touching.

tierra, f. , earth, region, province, (home) locality.

tieso, -a, stiff, rigid.

tijeras, f. pl. , scissors.

tila, f. , flowers of the linden-tree or lime-tree, linden-tea,lime-tea.

timidez, f. , timidity.

tío, m. , uncle, old man, old fellow; used colloquially in a vaguedepreciative sense, as in ¡qué —...! what a good-for-nothing...; esel — más soez... , he is the vilest fellow (wretch)....

tipo, m. , type, appearance, fellow, queer type.

tirar, to pull; — de, to pull, pull at, tighten.

tirón, m. , jerk, pull, tug, twitch, twinge.

titular, to entitle, call.

título, m. , title, diploma, title of nobility, titled personage,nobleman.

tocar, to touch, play ( musical instruments); — el cielo con lasmanos, to boil over, be furious; —le á uno la china, to draw theunlucky pebble, be the unlucky one; — una tecla, to resort to someexpedient.

todavía, still, yet.

todo, m. , all, everything; sobre —, above all, especially.

todo, -a, all; —s los, —as las, all the, every; — el... , thewhole...; —as partes, everywhere.

tomar, to take; ¡toma! why! well! nonsense! just listen!

tono, m. , tone; darse —, to pose, put on airs.

tonto, m. , fool.

tonto, -a, foolish, silly.

topo, m. , mole, blunderer, stupid person.

toque, see tocar.

torcer, to twist.

torero, m. , bull-fighter.

tormento, m. , torment, suffering.

Toro, town of about 8000 inhabitants, in the province of Zamora, León.

toro, m. , bull.

torpe, dull, stupid.

tortícoli, m. , wry neck.

trabajador, -ora, hard-working.

trabajar, to work, work at.

trabajo, m. , work, trouble.

traer, to bring, carry, bring back, have.

tragar, to swallow.

trágico, -a, tragic.

traición, f. , treason; hacer —, to be untrue, be disloyal.[Pg 183]

traidor, -ora, treacherous, faithless.

traje, m. , costume, dress.

trampa, f. , trap, snare.

trance, m. , peril, crisis, pass, predicament, (critical) moment.

tranquilamente, quietly, tranquilly.

tranquilito, -a ( dim. of tranquilo), tranquil.

tranquilizar, to tranquillize, calm, relieve.

tranquilo, -a, tranquil; quede usted —, rest easy, have no fear.

transformar, to change.

transición, f. , transformation, abrupt change of tone.

transigir, to submit, resign oneself; — con, to submit to, accede to,become resigned to, put up with.

transija, see transigir.

trapisondista, m. , mischief-maker.

tras, after; — de, after.

trastornar, to confuse, upset.

trasunto, m. , likeness, image.

tratamiento, m. , treatment, ceremonious title of courtesy ( as usía, excelencia, etc. ).

tratar, to try, treat, handle, deal with, act towards ( a person), haverelations with; — á las gentes, go out into the world, go intosociety; —se de, to concern, be a question of.

través, m. , inclination, bias; á — de, through.

trayendo, see traer.

treinta, thirty.

tres, three.

tripas, f. pl. , guts, intestines.

tropa, f. , troops.

tropezar con, to stumble upon, collide with.

tropical, tropical.

tropieza, see tropezar.

trovador, m. , troubadour.

trucha, f. , trout; m. , wary chap, rogue.

, thou.

tu, thy, your.

tuerto, -a, one-eyed.

tufo, m. , vapor, fume, pungent, disagreeable odor.

turno, m. , turn.

tuv-e, -iera, -iste, -o, see tener.

tuyo, -a, thy, your; el —, la —a, lo —, thine, yours.


¡uf! interj. ( denoting pain), oh! ugh! whew!

últimamente, finally.

último, -a, last; lo —, the last thing.

un, una, a, an.[Pg 184]

único, -a, one, only, sole, single; lo —, the only thing.

unión, f. , union.

unir, to unite.

uno, -a, one; pl. , a few, about, approximately.

uno, -a, pron. , one, a person; pl. , some.

untar, to anoint, rub with ointment, apply an ointment to.

uña, f. , finger-nail.

urgencia, f. , urgency; con —, urgently, pressingly.

usar, to use.

usía, you ( very formal; a corruption from Vuesa Señoría).

usted, you.


v-a, -an, -as, see ir.

vacilar, to vacillate, hesitate, totter, stagger.

vacío, -a, empty.

valer, to be worth; más vale, it is better; —se de, to avail oneselfof, use.

valiente, brave, excellent, fine.

valor, m. , courage.

vámonos, see irse.

vamos, see ir; ¡—! interj. , see ir.

vario, -a, various; pl. , several.

vaso, m. , glass.

vay-a, -an, -as, see ir.

¡vaya! interj. , see ir.

ve, -a, -mos, -n, -o, -s, see ver.

ve, see ir.

vecinita, f. ( dim. of vecina), little neighbor.

veinte, twenty.

veinticinco, twenty-five.

veintinueve, twenty-nine.

vela, f. , candle.

velador, m. , stand, small round table.

ven, see venir.

vencer, to conquer, overcome.

vendr-án, -ás, see venir.

veng-a, -an, -o, see venir.

vengar, to avenge; —se de, to take vengeance on.

venguemos, see vengar.

venir, to come, go, let come; — á, to happen to; bien venido, welcome; ¿á qué viene...? wherefore...? why...?; venga mi duro, hand over mydollar; venga el abrigo, let's have the overcoat; —se, to come.

ventura, f. , happiness, chance; por —, by chance, perchance,perhaps.

ver, to see; ¡vea usted! just see!; á —, let's see; tenerque

— con, to have to do with; —se, to be.

veranear, to spend the summer.[Pg 185]

verano, m. , summer.

veras, f. pl. ; ¿de —? really?; ahora va de —, now it's reallysettled; ¡esto va de —! This (affair) is making headway! This isreally serious!

verdad, f. , truth; ¿— que no? Isn't that true?; la —... , indeed,in truth....

verdadero, -a, true, real.

vergüenza, f. , shame; darle á uno —, to shame, make ashamed.

verso, m. , verse.

vestal, f. , vestal virgin.

vestido, m. , dress.

vestir, to clothe, dress; —se, to dress.

veterinario, m. , veterinary.

vez, f. , time; cada — más, more and more; de una —, once for all; otra —, again; tal —, perhaps; una —, once.

, see ver.

viaje, m. , trip, journey.

víctima, f. , victim.

vida, f. , life, living; — mía, darling; en — de, during thelifetime of; en mi —, never (in my life), negative omitted when thephrase precedes the verb or stands alone;

¡por —! heavens! well, Inever!; por — de la política, the deuce take politics!; ¡por — demi carácter! confound my character!

vidita, f. ( dim. of vida), dearest.

viejo, -a, old.

viendo, see ver.

vien-e, -en, see venir.

vie-ra, -as, see ver.

villano, m. , villain.

vine, see venir.

vinillo, m. ( dim. of vino), wine.

vino, m. , wine, any alcoholic drink.

violentar, to be disagreeable to, go against.

violento, -a, violent, furious.

violín, m. , violin.

virgen, f. , virgin; ¡— santísima! Heavens above!; ¡por las oncemil —es! Heavens and earth!

virtud, f. , virtue.

visitar, to visit.

víspera, f. , day before, eve; en —s de, on the eve of.

vista, f. , sight, view; perder de —, to lose sight of.

vistiendo, see vestir.

visto, -a ( see ver); por lo —, evidently, apparently, I suppose.

viuda, f. , widow.

viudo, m. , widower.

viudo, -a, widowed.

vivir, to live.[Pg 186]

volver, to turn, return, come back; — á+ inf. , to repeat an act, doit again, as vuelve á sentarse, she sits down again;

— en sí, torevive, come to; —se, to turn, turn around, return, become.

vosotros, -as, you.

voy, see ir.

voz, f. , voice; á voces, shouting, in a loud voice; dar voces, toshout.

vuelo, m. , flight ( in the air); ir en un —, to go with all speed,go like lightning.

vuelta, f. , turn, return; dar la —, to return; dar media —, toturn half around, turn one's back on a person; estar de —

, to be back,have returned.

vuelto, -a, see volver.

vuelv-a, -an, -e, -en, -o, see volver.

vuestro, -a, your.

vulgar, vulgar, common.

vulgarmente, vulgarly.


y, and.

ya, already, now, presently, indeed, certainly, to be sure, no doubt; frequently used with an intensive or emphatic force not alwaystranslatable; ¡ya! interj. , I see, yes, yes, yes, of course; ¡—, —! of course, yes, yes, well, never mind;

no, no longer; — no... más, no longer, not... any more; no

, no longer; — que, conj. , since, now that, seeing that.

yendo, see ir.

yerno, m. , son-in-law.

yo, I.


¡zambomba! interj. , whew! my goodness!

Zaragoza, f. , Saragossa.

zarandear, to winnow, move about; —le á uno, to twist a person aboutone's fingers.

zurcir, to darn.