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treatment is the CPAP device. This is a device which the sufferer will wear
during the night and it helps to keep the airways open and it will assist the
sufferer in inhaling. Also available is the BiPAP device which does the same
thing but it also helps you to exhale as well as to inhale. These two devices
have been proven to be very effective in sleep apnea treatment, but it is not
for everyone it all depends on your particular view.
Another device which has been proven to help treat sleep apnea is Oral
Appliance Therapy or OAT as it is more commonly known. This is available
from dentists who specialize in treating sleep disorders and it is a mouth
piece which is custom made to fit each individual. Worn during the night, the
OAT device helps to lower the bottom jaw so that airways stay open during
sleep. This sleep apnea treatment is brilliant and it is a great way of treating
the symptoms, however if you are suffering from a very severe cause of
sleep apnea, then you might wish to try surgery.
Surgery for the treatment of this disorder is usually only done if you have
already tried and exhausted all other treatments, or if you are suffering from
a very severe case in which you are hardly sleeping at all. Surgery for the
treatment of sleep apnea can vary from case to case, but the most common
form of surgery includes the correction of the nasal passages and the throat.
In more serious cases, sometimes the facial skeleton will be altered by a
technique called maxillo mandibular advancement (See below for more info)
in which the upper and lower jaw will be altered. This is usually only explored
if other surgery has failed.
If you want to find out more information on the options available to you, then
it is advised that you speak to your general physician who will be able to
advise you on the best course of treatments and action. You can also find out
more information about sleep apnea and treatments in the Resources section
at the end.
Mandibular Appliance
When it comes to sleep apnea treatment, there are over 70 types of oral
appliances which have been designed to treat this sleep disorder. As well as
oral appliances, other forms of treatment for sleep apnea include surgery,
medication such as Acetazolamide which helps to lower the pH level in the
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