Treasure Cave HTML version

The Greanwold Quest — Treasure Cave
filled eyes, he was a favorite in town with both adults and children
alike. His old time shop was a general store with a curious selection of
strange bits and pieces from horseshoes to big old saw blades as well as old
fashioned candy jars, gardening tools and agricultural implements displayed side
by side with ghetto-blasters, TV's and computer games. In one corner was an
old fashioned soda fountain.
“He sure likes to keep a lot of old junk in there, believe me.” Keegan‘s dad said
though he still liked browsing through the “old junk” as much as Keegan did.
When Mr. Shama heard Keegan's hollering, he smiled to himself and murmured.
“Ah yes - school, is obviously out.”
Mr. Shama left his paper and walked casually over to the main door at the front
of the store. He stood to one side, grasping the big old brass doorknob in his
hand. He began to count down.
On "one", he pulled open the door and Keegan exploded through the doorway in
a cloud of dust. His bike seemed to leap through the door and then slid along
the old wooden floor with Keegan hanging on for dear life. Keegan and the bike
came to rest against the back wall of the store. A display of plastic spray bottles
tumbled all around him.
As the dust settled, Keegan looked up from under his bike helmet and grinned
an embarrassed grin at the storekeeper. Keegan‘s knapsack had burst open on
the floor beside him. A loop of rope, a water bottle, some climbing equipment
and a rolled up map lay scattered about.
Keegan shook himself and struggled to his feet, attempting to straighten his bike
helmet that had slipped forward over his eyes.
“Hi Mr. Shama! I need a new compass, a snorkel, licorice, a magnifying glass,
a………………… “
“Whoa there, Keegan Clarke!!” Mr. Shama interrupted sternly. “Slow down there.
What you really need is a new set of brakes for that bike of yours young
man…….. and tighter straps on your helmet.”
He reached out and pulled Keegan's helmet up from over his eyes.